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Exotic chocolate shots and concoctions from Barry Callebaut

From chocolate shots to chocolate lolly-pops, Master Chocolatier Abhiru Biswas will take you on a one-of-its-kind chocolate journey! Yummy!

Chocolates are an elixir of life.
They are so magical that just one bite of the dark divine can bring us back to life. It is undoubtedly the 'Food of the God' and yes it is that ‘little’ something that we secretly eat without sharing.  We all have a distinguished relationship with chocolate, we often bite into them when we are depressed, happy, sad, or grumpy…they just never stay out of our day.

The cocoa tree, also known as Theobroma cacao, thrives in warm and humid regions near the equator. Although its origins have not been conclusively proven, cocoa was probably already of great importance to ancient Latin American civilizations 2000 years before the birth of Christ. Historians have found the oldest cups and plates for eating and drinking cocoa in the small village of Ulúa in Honduras. These utensils were presumably used exclusively for preparing and enjoying Xocoatl, the original cocoa drink. Today, cocoa is cultivated
primarily in the tropical rain forests of West Africa, Asia and Latin America, and the major cocoa-producing countries are Ivory Coast, Ghana and Indonesia.

The unique, distinctive taste of cocoa beans varies according to the region, the weather, and the soil conditions where they are cultivated. Beans from different countries are mixed in most chocolate recipes to ensure uniform taste and quality. There is also a pure chocolate called origin chocolate (i.e. unblended chocolate), which is made from cocoa beans that were grown in one particular region. This means every single origin chocolate has a unique, characteristic flavor.

Now that you are tempted enough to go and gorge on the dark bitterly piece of ecstasy. We bring you a lowdown on the world’s best chocolate brand Callebaut which just marked its presence in our city. Barry Callebaut has been producing chocolates for more than 150 years, and today it is the world’s leading supplier of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products. The Chocolate Confiseur Festival at Sugar and Spice is an ode to the magic of chocolate. 

Master Chocolatier, Abhiru Biswas, lends his magical hand in transforming chocolate into alluring avatars, to take you a nirvana ride. “Chocolate is undoubtedly the 'Food of God'. One should eat chocolate for his own pleasure. Chocolates also boosts the health of an individual. Chocolates are extensively used for gifting options, which in itself is an expression of ‘sheer sweetness',” says Chocolatier Biswas who insists that everyone should incorporate chocolate in their daily diet.

The master chef gives us his secret recipe of the most luxurious dessert from his kitchen. Some of the items to feature in Sugar and Spice menu would be Praline (Moulded and hand enrobed), bon bon , cakes and frozen desserts, verrines, chocolate shots, candied lollypops and there will also be a chocolate theme party at ICE, where chef Abhiru will make chocolate drinks made of single origin chocolates paired with different liquors.

Here's a recipe to try at home:
Chocolate Raspberry Tart
Raspberry Ganache
Raspberry pulp - 300 gm
Sugar - 80 gm
Liquid cream - 160 gm
Butter - 40 gm
Dark chocolate - 360 gm
Milk chocolate - 260 gm
Raspberry alcohol - 40 ml
Heat raspberry pulp with sugar. Separately heat the liquid cream. Pour one after another into the chocolate callets. Leave it to cool till 35ºC. Later use the butter and alcohol.
In the tart base made of sable base pastry, blind–baked. Pipe in a base of flourless chocolate sponge and raspberry syrup. Fill till the edge.
Use white chocolate curls, frozen raspberry, Pista chopped to beautify your dessert. 
The Chocolate festival will be on till July 9 at Vivanta By Taj, MG Road.

Vivanta by Taj

Trinity Circle, M.G.Road,
M.G Road, Bangalore -560001 Map

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revethi vickram Sep 07th, 2011 12:16 PM

Barry callebaut chocolates has its own taste. would like to know wheather the chocolate bars are availabe in places like banlore and chennai (India) ? because i am interested in taking classes 

prasanna Jul 02nd, 2011 10:08 PM

actually do they teach any recipes of chocolates or anything else,can you please tell me

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