Expect faster searches with Google now

Google launches voice and image search tabs on the Google search page to speed up internet search.

Google search will be much easier now. Google search box will be able to handle more tabs than on the keyboard. Google is all set to crank up search speeds with image and voices. Google has introduced the ‘speech recognition tool’ which will show as a microphone button on the right-hand side of the search box. It has also introduced an ‘image search feature.’  “This feature can say, look at a family vacation photo and figure out where it was shot, or help explain images that become Internet memes. The recognition technology applies a bunch of Google's proprietary algorithms to photos.” says a source.

Google is bringing features pioneered on smartphones, like voice and image search, to its flagship product. Like on Android or the Google application for the iPhone, people can click the mic icon on, and say a phrase or question into their computer microphone. The speech technology will also analyze accents to transcribe the recording into text. The speech-recognition tool will only be available on Google's Chrome Web browser for now. Other software makers will have to implement the technology to support the feature.
Take a sneak peak at Google voice search

With the image search tool, users using newer web browsers will be able to drag an image file from the desktop onto the search box. Additional features are available to those who install the Google Toolbar in Firefox.

To further speed up web surfing, the company plans to roll out a feature called 'Instant Pages'. It will sometimes load the top search result on your computer before you click on the link, so that the page pops up instantly once you do. The feature will only be available in Chrome, starting with the beta version of the software later this week.

Google Instant, the immediate suggestions offered when a user is typing into the search box, will debut on Google's image-search section "in the coming weeks," said Google executive Amit Singhal
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