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Five ways to maintain a good posture

Good posture is the key to a good and healthy life. Here are five ways in which you can maintain a good posture.

Remember the days when you had to carry heavy bags
to school? You had weary eyes, a stooping back and a heavy load to weigh you down.  Do you remember your mother asking you to walk straight  or sit upright without slouching your shoulders? It might have not made much of an impact then but the signs always begin  to show as you grow older  Well its all for a reason, that our parents have been pressing on the need of a good posture since the time we were kids. A straight posture when you sit or stand  helps to build up the confidence, makes you look tall and in shape.

Here are five ways to develop a good posture.

1) Stand up straight- Standing up straight can help you strengthen back muscles, reducing the risk of injury.It also reduces neck and back pain.

2) Good posture helps you breath better- The lungs are suppressed while you hunch or stoop. Standing up or sitting straight will give more room for the lungs to function.

3) Straight posture tones the body- The stomach looks flatter without having to do sit-ups. Standing up straight would pull the shoulder muscles back and would hold in your abdominal muscles.

4) Good posture renders more energy- Your body will use your muscles more efficiently, which uses less energy than slumping, meaning less tiredness in the long run.

5) Good posture enhances confidence- Studies show that standing up straight boosts confidence rather than slumping.

"To develop and maintain a good posture try standing up straight, Do not lean against any support while you stand. Don't slouch while you sit.Slumping can give you a hunch back. Don't hunch while you walk. Try to walk straight.These are a few ways you can develop good posture" says Mythri Shankar, a consultant

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