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Food Review: All things Italian at Spaghetti Kitchen

Spaghetti Kitchen is back with a bang after two years, at an upscale locality to treat the food lovers with its Italian cuisine.

Spaghetti Kitchen, the Italian restaurant
first made its way at Lido Mall a couple of years ago giving Bangaloreans a fine taste of its Italian cuisine. But then the restaurant was not well received, blame it either on the food or the location.
After almost two years the restaurant is back in business at 100 ft road and we must say they have been very careful in choosing the neighborhood this time around.  When I heard about its new venue I couldn’t stop myself from trying their Italian fare. I jumped to the opportunity and was escorted by my friend who loves everything Italian on her platter.

The new Spaghetti Kitchen has a massive colourful board right at the beginning of the100ft road, something that you just cannot miss. We were thrilled that we spotted the place without any hassle. When we stepped into the revamped restaurant we were in for a surprise. The décor of the restaurant is remarkable, and the sitting area has a nice Italian feel to it; the tables and walls are beautifully done with small colourful tiles which instantly adds an earthy vibe to the ambiance. Beautiful Tiffany art lamp shades adorn the ceilings, while multi-hued bottles make their way on the white walls. And one section of the restaurant has been dedicated to bright red couches, which instantly adds a splash of blush to the whole place.

We seated ourselves on one of the comfy couches just close to the open kitchen, and Chef Bill Marchetti joined us for lunch. The tall and stout chef shared his gamut of knowledge during the luncheon that he had gathered while he was globetrotting. The chef recommended that we try the lazy buffet- a buffet which is especially designed for the comfort of the food connoisseurs who do not have to leave their table to get a helping. All the courses are served right on the table one after the other. We started off with the traditional garlic bread with an buttery dip which set our taste buds rolling for the huge feast ahead of us.

For salads we tried their signature Insalata Tabouleh di Quinoa, a rare grain which the Chef specially imports from Peru. Quinoa is an extremely healthy salad which is filled with the goodness of protein. It has a light and fresh taste to it and is something you will never find on a menu elsewhere. The assorted platter of starters soon made its way to our table and we were served Parmesan cheese potatoes, which was delicious and the baby potatoes were worth a mouthful. The cheese balls were perfectly cooked and delectable.

We also tried the Mediterranean Fusilli (though fusilli is not my ideal choice of pasta, I did not complain here) the pasta was mixed perfectly in the red sauce which was instantly savoured. The clear winner was the thin crust Pizza Primavera which had seasonal toppings, creamy cheese and fantastic herbs. The Fettucine Carbonara (ribbon pasta) was very well flavoured and was a clear explosion of taste. For the mains we tried the Lasagna Al Forno, which was so delectable that each and every bite made us crave for more. The lasagna was well cooked and was mildly flavoured, it was served in layers which made it even easier for us to bite on. A complimentary glass of wine passionately added to our gastronomic experience. The Pollo Alla Dijonaise, the devil chicken was succulent and tender.

And by the end of the mains we were completely satiated as the chef kept us company with his tales and we ended up finishing a feast without our knowledge. The jovial chef insisted that we try the desserts even though we shrugged initially. Believe us the desserts are the main highlight of the lazy buffet. The Mascarpone flourless chocolate cake was a divine bite and it melted in our mouths before we realized it. The fat free gelatos were a mouthwatering offering, while the Tiramisu was another heavenly bite, where the taste just got better and better as we went deeper and deeper into it. It is something you shouldn't miss at the restaurant.
We were so impressed that we returned for lunch again on a Saturday afternoon, but then we were a tad disappointed as the lazy buffet is available only on the weekdays, but nevertheless we tried the a-la carte and the way the pasta was served horrified us, firstly it was extremely salty and secondly the portions were very meager. We strictly recommend the lazy buffet as it is a great gourmet experience. 
The Lazy Buffet is priced at Rs. 399 excluding taxes and is worth every penny!

Spaghetti Kitchen

100 Ft Rd
Kodihalli, Bengaluru
Indiranagar, Bangalore Map

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Shar's Jun 11th, 2011 05:15 PM

I loved the review Priyanka, the photography too, excellent guys, keep it up. Will surely visit this place! I must admit that Im actually glued to Italia, the restaurant in the same road, next to foodworld but will make the effort of trying this out!

Lalz Jun 04th, 2011 01:59 AM

Come on now, give the gal a break. If you don't like reading it, then don't!

Avinash Rao Jun 03rd, 2011 11:26 AM

Suman, I think you're being a bit too kind with the "journalist" tag. This reads like a paid piece, albeit a terrible example of writing.

Suman Bolar Jun 03rd, 2011 08:33 AM

This is really, really bas writing. Ungrammatical and poorly written. The basic requirement for a journalist is a decent command over the English language!

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