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Food Review: Enjoy the rich flavours of Chettinad at bonSouth

BonSouth offers a delectable journey of tastefully South Indian cuisine at its best.

Think Chettinad cuisine and you are
bound to afloat in inimitable flavours and aromas which blend together to craft one of the finest cuisine in South India.
And how does a Chettinad food festival sound? An icing on the cake, yes it indeed was for me when I was given a flyer right at the entrance of Mantri Mall. I was flabbergasted because my thought instantly turned into a reality (which is such a rarity). I said a quick thank you to the guy who handed me the flyer and hustled to bonSouth. As I stepped into the restaurant, delightful aromas of Chettinad cuisine was drifting across the venue, transporting me to an expanse in Tamil Nadu. I was now confirmed that a fascinating culinary experience was awaiting me and guess what I was not disappointed at all.

Chettinad cuisine is one of the spiciest and most aromatic in India. It originates from the Chettinad region of Southern Tamil Nadu and comprises several variations of meat, seafood and vegetables. Spices are liberally used and most dishes have generous helping of Marathi mokku (dried flower pods), Anasipoo (star aniseed), Kalpassi (stone fungus) in addition to regular spices and chillies. The cuisine is a delight for food lovers, especially for non vegetarians.

BonSouth has a very elegant decor which gives it a spacious feel. From where I was seated I could see the display of the buffet which had a rustic element to it. All the delicacies were kept in the earthen pots, which pulled me back to those days of ma grand ma’s cooking in the village which promised delicious meals.  

After a few minutes the server served me a bowl of veg and non veg starters which comprised of Kai Kari Chettinadu soup, which was a typical soup with fresh vegetables and lentils. The Meen Varuval is prepared with tiny fishes were marinated and perfectly shallow fried and matched my taste buds. The Naatu Koli Kuzhambu was a combination of country chicken which was cooked with traditional spices and coconut. It was extremely succulent. The Syrian Vegetable cutlet was a vegetable patty which was deep fried to retain the crunchy taste. The deep fried baby corn Mallige was wonderfully marinated in coriander paste.

After finishing the round of delectable starters I couldn’t wait to sample the main course. The choice was humongous as I had five alternatives of veg and non veg staples, with four varieties of staples and two types of rice.  I was spoilt for choice. Though I wanted to dig in almost everything, I religiously chose Ierai Meen Karuvadu Thokku, a spicy curry with dry fish cooked in shallots, garlic and tomato. The second preference was the Karunaikezhangu Kara Kuzhambu, Colocasia cooked with tangy spice curry and the third variety was the Kai kari Perattal a combination of vegetable poppy seeds, coconut and spices.

With these curries laden on to my plate I ecstatically went back to my table to sample them with accompaniments like Chettinad Kari Biryani (so aromatic that it almost killed me…with its smell ofcourse), masala roti and appams (they were the main highlight, so soft and so tasty). I had savoured every morsel of my meal that I could sense happiness run through my veins. And yes I was happy being a gourmand that afternoon. After all the restorative spices that I relished it was time to treat myself with some yummy Elaneer Payasam. The tender coconut morsels in coconut milk and cardamom were so heavenly that it immediately soothed my senses. And the cut fruits and ice cream was a great conclusion to my connoisseur delight.

The service at bonSouth is extremely good, as they hardly keep you waiting and the staffs here are extremely courteous which comes as an added advantage. I  thoroughly enjoyed the I, me and myself time with rich Chettinad specials at bonSouth.
The Chettinad food festival is on till the 19th of June.
A meal for two will cost you Rs 660 + taxes.


T 39, 3rd Floor, Mantri Square
1, Jai Bheema Nagar, Sevashrama
Malleswaram, Bangalore Map

080 22667377
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