Get ready for some vegetable shopping online

Day to day necessities like vegetables can now be shopped online. This facility is popular among people in the metropolitan cities who find it difficult to visit malls or a vegetable vendor.

What normally happens on week off? You head to the vegetable vendor with a shopping bag in your hand. Now there is an easy way out for those who want to avail vegetables and grocery right at their doorstep. Many fruit and vegetable wholesale outlets are planning to take a plunge into online transaction.

A number of websites like,,,, and have cropped up, each creating a distinct place for itself and fulfilling to the modern needs of the people. All these websites, at present, cater to a sub-section of society; those who dwell in metros and who find it difficult to visit the crowded 'mandis' or malls.

The population who shops online is comparatively small as most families still prefer vendor markets but the online vendors have been able to expand their services and create a loyal consumer base for themselves. Some of these sites have actually started to offer value added services in the form of free home delivery, money-back guarantee, call-for-delivery, gift certificates and gift packaging to lure the customers.

It all started when IIM Ahmedabad student Akrosh Sharma launched his online vegetable store “”. The Vegetable market in India is huge and there is a lot of scope for these online vendors to grow. From offering luxury items to electronic goods, Internet has come up a long way changing the traditional mindset of the people.

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