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Groove to some alternative rock by All The Fat Children

"Fat Rock" band All The Fat Children, will unleash their musical talent in Bangalore.

‘All The Fat Children’, a seemingly humorous
, yet unique name reflects openness that the band believes in wholeheartedly.  They personally believe in and emphasize original music, with the occasional cover which is also recreated to produce a different version of the song. This has enabled them to showcase their ability to satisfy the audience with a refreshing sound. Formed in 2008, they have been playing as many shows as possible, winning consistently wherever it was classified a competition and headlining many shows and corporate events, basically, sending it all over India. 

The band can be considered an Alternative Rock band, but they prefer the newly created term of “Fat Rock” a fitting genre encompassing the diversity of music that is reflected in its three members. Some of the bands own songs include: My Favorite Heartbreaker, Crazy Girlfriend, Pimple Disco, November Forever, Somebody Else, El Shaddai (“The Almighty” in Hebrew) and many more. The quintessential front man of the band, Eben has been writing songs since he can remember. He always has the crowd singing along to his catchy songs and have them laughing till it hurts, by his humor; as well as shaking to the groove of the music to let the audience know it’s good to let loose.

Riding the lower end of the musical spectrum for the last 9 years, Vicky as he is usually known is the foundation of the band and stomps and jumps around the stage to get the audience in the mood. He constantly experiments to find new ways to keep the sound full while balancing a full course of intense stage presence. Smashing the skins for the last 10 years, Sachin thrives on a diverse range of music that keeps him well versed and up to date with current music trends and incorporates them into the music he plays with the band. His love of experimentation is also influenced by Motherjane, another band he works for.
Catch them live on June 23rd, 2011, 8:30 p.m onwards at Hard Rock Café.

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