Here comes an end to the ‘.com’ era

Now domain names can be just about anything. Ditch the good old ‘.com’ and switch to fancy domain names.

Gone are the days when we settled for a domain name
with a '.com' or '.in'. Now domain names can be just about anything. Soon the internet website addresses will end in “.bank”, “.Vegas”, “.Canon”. There would be limitless selection of website suffixes including ones in Arabic, Chinese and other scripts.

With more than 300 suffixes to choose from, some domains may also end in country codes like “.uk” for United Kingdom and “.de” for Germany. Suffixes also include industry to geography to ethnicity. The Corporate sector worries about their brand name to be misused. These new suffixes could create confusion as consumers navigate a website with unfamiliar labels. Some businesses also claim that it won’t make much of a difference as most consumers use search engines and mobile applications to navigate rather than typing the web address on the browser.

There is a fear that these suffixes could deceive customers and give a platform for hate groups and obscenities. No other domain name is as popular as “.com” but there is a need for expansion as all the “.com” suffixes have already been taken. More than 94 million websites are registered under”.com”

This innovative venture will not be cheap to operate. The application fee is about $ 185,000 and the shortlisted ones have to pay an annual fee of $ 25,000 after that. New suffixes will open on January 12, 2012
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