'I wish Always Kabhi Kabhi never ends," says Giselli Monteiro

Brazilian model and Bollywood actress Giselli Monteiro has found her solace in India

Who can forget the reticent Punjabi
Kudi from the Saif Ali Khan starrer Love Aaj Kal? Giselli Monteiro, the Brazilian model took Bollywood by a storm with her absolute innocence and flawless beauty.  She came to India for a modeling assignment, when she stumbled upon her debut role in Bollywood. “As a model I have travelled extensively across the globe. I always wanted to visit India and my life has completely taken a 360 degree turn ever since,” says Giselli with a smile. 

When Giselli played the role of Harleen Kaur, she barely knew about Bollywood and most importantly the language. “Love Aaj Kal was such a new experience for me and I barely knew any Hindi that time. But now I am trying to grasp the language and Bollywood is something that truly fascinates me,” says the actress who is all set for her second release Always Kabhi Kabhi.

In AKK, she plays the character of a shy teenage girl, something that she can closely relate too. “It’s a very sweet character and it was easier for me to portray it on screen. And since I am learning Hindi it is an added advantage. It helps me to understand the scripts better even though I still can’t speak fluently,” she says who had a ball of a time at the sets of Always Kabhi Kabhi. It’s the longest time the damsel has ever spent on a particular set.

“When I was modeling I was constantly in motion. The schedule would be so jam packed that I barely got time to spend with my peers. It was only during the shoot of AKK that I have managed to make real friends,” affirms Giselli who wishes that the movie never comes to an end.

Giselli is extremely happy that she came to India, for it gave her a home, friends and a career that she never dreamt off. “I am extremely fortunate to create my niche in Bollywood. I am not expecting too much I just want to do my best and whatever has to be mine will surely come my way. It does get tough to stay alone but I have been travelling ever since I was seventeen. I am learning to be positive and live each day as it comes,” she says who definitely misses her home and ‘someone very special’.

“Yes I have been a relationship for a long time now. Marcos is my first boyfriend and I really miss him. But we do manage to talk to each other and stay connected,” she says with a sigh. So what does her beau think of Bollywood, “He did have his inhibitions earlier but when he came to India his perceptions changed. He really trusts me and respects my work,” she says highly of her boyfriend who runs an export and import business in Brazil. 

Giselli now flaunts a new arm accessory, a Shiz Tzu and the little puppy rules her life. “He is really cute, with long hair. I make ponytails for him and we go for walks together and watch lots of movies at home. I am not a party person so most of the time I spend indoors,” she says.

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