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In Pictures: Celebration of art at Art Bengaluru 2011

Art Bengaluru 2011 provides a platform for artists from all across the city to showcase their artwork.

As you walk through UB City, you will be
forced to stop and admire the eclectic art work that is on display at various levels of the mall. The Art Bengaluru Festival has brought together a bunch of talented artists and has given them a platform to showcase their art work.  This festival is where you can see the real essence of art as it showcases various art forms such as paintings, photography, charcoal art and art installations. This exhibit also provides an opportunity for people to really appreciate the breadth of the artists’ talents, up close and personal. The artists' backgrounds are as varied as their styles and techniques, here are a few artists who are showcasing their work at the exhibit:

Aamina Shazi
Aamina Shazi is an upcoming artist who specializes in digital art. She is a Bangalorean and has a degree in arts from Mount Carmel College. She says, that although graphic design is creatively satisfying, art was always her first love. She pursued digital art relentlessly for over six years and now she is proud to be part of a worldwide online community of digital and visual artists. Her technique is a result of countless hours of experimenting with the software and has evolved from her passion for the medium. Her paintings have an inner meaning to them and they beautifully depict various human emotions.

Amit Sharma
When you look back at life, a decade from now, what are you most likely to remember fondly? Amit believes that it’s not going to be the deals you struck, the optimal code you wrote, your corner office or your fancy car. He believes that it will most probably be how close you have come to living your dream and how passionately you have lived this one opportunity you have. Amit is driven by adventure, the idea of capturing the marvels of this planet with his camera and the need to live his life to the fullest. This doesn’t come easy! While most people wake up to a lazy and relaxing weekend, he chooses to wake up in the wild, armed with his camera to capture that jaw dropping image as the first rays of the sun hit the world. From the majestic Tigers of Corbett, to the chomping crocodiles of the Masai Mara, to the incredible elephants of Botswana there is no end to the thrills of this chosen journey.

Amrish Malvankar
An architect by profession, Amrish has over a decade of experience in his professional field. His paintings are a natural extension of his creativity which has now spilled on to the canvas. Having a natural inclination towards the fine arts he excelled in his use of colors across various medium from a very young age. What will catch your eye about his paintings are the unusual mix of colors and medium that he tends to experiment with. Water colors, Ink, oil paints, sketching and acrylic are all part of the extensive palette of expressions that he experiments with. As Amrish puts it, “Each painting connects with you through your own has personal reflections. The idea is to enjoy the pure visual beauty of different shades of the colors and combinations. I want people to immerse in the visual treat that is put together with the different mix of colors that reflect and celebrate different shades of life.”

Soraya Taher
Singapore born and raised, Soraya Taher has weaved her skills and her love for creating art to help herself depict her journey with independence as a  person, a mother, a wife and a daughter-in-law, over the last 5 years of being in Bangalore. Through the motifs of floral, intricate and fluid abstractions is a search for her idea of happiness. Despite her rarity of time as a mother of two, her passion makes her carve out time to produce these works of art. She continues to freelance in design and paint pictures that tell a tale of life. Her paintings depict her path towards happiness, from using grim and dark colours to a burst of colours, she shows the transition quite beautifully.

MN. Jayakumar
Following a lifelong passion in the protection of wildlife and the conservation of natural resources, MN Jayakumar has established himself as one of India's leading nature photographers and one among the few forest officials to take up nature photography. Nature photography happened by pure chance after a colleague remarked that he was wasting the opportunities offered to him by his profession as a forest officer. Having started wildlife photography as a hobby in 1993, he has had the privilege of traveling extensively across various National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India, capturing the essence of nature through his camera. The years of experience he has accumulated in observing wildlife in their natural habitat, have led to some priceless images supported by incredible stories.

Rony Dutta
Rony Dutta’s foray into visual arts started way back, with designing a set of film costumes for Rituparno Ghosh. And then London instilled an equally richer perspective. Fashion photography, styling and art took over later, when he started working in Bangalore, for several fashion editorials with Prasad Bidapa and for several designers of different spectrum, from Bibi Russell to Hidden Harmony of Grasshopper. He says, “I shoot fashion, documentary stills, advertising art and personalities. My narratives are mostly stories, which range from packed details to utter simplicities and imbibe everything, cinema, literature, dance, life and dreams. My art works do not essentially limit to photography but abundantly uses photography as a medium and often trace absurdities which are echoed in life. My collection of photographs and an installation for this edition of Art Bengaluru is homage.”

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