In Pictures: Ulsoor Lake now breathes fresh

Thanks to the relentless efforts by Madras Sappers, the Ulsoor Lake is now spic and span.

Thanks to the relentless efforts by Madras Sappers, the Ulsoor Lake is now spic and span.Thanks to the relentless efforts by Madras Sappers, the Ulsoor Lake is now spic and span.

Ulsoor Lake is undoubtedly one of the most
coveted lakes in the city which provides a beautiful space to unwind and breathe fresh allowing us to break free from the mayhem of a regular day. For more than hundred years Ulsoor Lake has been an integral part of training ground for soldiers from MEG (Madras Engineering Group). “Ever since MEG shifted its base to Bangalore in 1865, the lake has been a major part as it is extensively used in training Sappers for Bridging and waterman ship,” says Colonel Bhupesh Joshi from MEG.

The Ulsoor Lake is also an ideal facility for water sport activities for the Sappers who pioneer in it. Last Saturday when most of us were enjoying our extended weekend slumber, the Madras Sappers took charge to clean the Ulsoor Lake at the break of the dawn. Around thousand soldiers undertook the mission to clean the lake and changed the very way the lake looked.

“Over the years, population pressure in the neighbourhood has led to sewage being drained into the lake, converting it into a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other hazards. Furthermore, water hyacinth also keeps flowing into the lake killing any form of life. Though the BBMP does its bit in keeping the lake clean, it hardly helps,” says Joshi adding that unclean lake hampers the training process.

The cleanliness and de-weeding of hyacinth was taken up by MEG in an enormous scale. Around 1000 sappers contributed their bit towards the massive cleaning. “The neighbours were fed up by the stench and also we wanted to preserve the aquatic life so we took up this operation. A clean lake would facilitate a better training ground for the sappers and most of us love the lake as it is extremely close to our hearts,” says Joshi who along with his army men removed around 450 truckloads of hyacinth and waste.

“The hyacinth was cut using eight Army boats which were bought to the shore with the help of booms,” he stated. The MEG has been repeatedly undertaken cleanliness drives in the past too. And if you happen to visit the lake anytime soon, then you are bound to be awed by the new look of the lake and most of all the ‘Thambis’ of MEG can now carry out unhindered training on Ulsoor’s calm surface.

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