Kingfisher Derby 2011: The final test of grace on July 10

Kingfisher Derby touted to be one of India’s most glamorous events will showcase the most spectacular equine tussle in India offering the second largest prize purse.

Come July and Bangalore will witness
the return of the most awaited racing event of the season – The Kingfisher Derby 2011.  Underlining its signature style of unparalleled thrill combined with a dash of glamour, The Kingfisher Derby 2011 will be held on Sunday, July 10, at the Bangalore Turf Club. Fashion czars, equestrian enthusiasts, the city’s who’s who, all make the Kingfisher Derby an event that truly cannot be missed, year after year. The spirit of good times will be adopted by racing enthusiasts and the best rookies from India and internationally.

Kingfisher’s association with sports started in 1988 with the prestigious Kingfisher Derby, Bangalore; and in later years saw the brand associate with a host of ‘Derbies’ across the country.  Only the finest thorough-breds will race to the finish for the famous Trophy – the Silver Horse and the handsome prize money grossing over Rs.1.25 crore, the second highest prize money to be earned in India. Off the track, there always has been excitement and glamour that any Kingfisher event is known to bring with it.

 In the run up to the Kingfisher Derby, the premium racing event in India, the city will see a series of fun events across high traffic pubs and malls. The prestigious Kingfisher Derby 2011 Trophy too will be unveiled closer to date. The starting Draw Night will see the owners draw their post position as a run up to the actual derby day.
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