'Music is really an expression of who I am' says singer Neeti Mohan

In an exclusive interview with MyBangalore.com singer Neeti Mohan talks about her journey so far.

Who doesn’t remember Neeti Mohan?
The singer extraordinaire with a beautiful lilting voice, who was a part of the Channel V-backed band Aasma. She shot to fame with the reality show and has been making waves with her singing career ever since. Since her stardom from Channel V pop stars she has performed in concerts with some of the big names of the industry like AR Rahman, Shankar Mahadevan and has been able to create a name for herself. Neeti, who is also a trained dancer, was recently in the city to perform at the Rahman Concert. Talking about her journey so far, she says “It’s been a very creatively fulfilling journey; over the years I’ve grown as a performer and have developed my own distinctive style. I’ve performed with the best in the industry and it’s a humbling experience to share the same stage with them.”

Neeti has always been inclined to performing arts and knew she’d make it big in the industry. “For me, music is really an expression of who I am. Music has always been an integral part of my life. It's difficult to imagine a life without it as I've been around music my whole life. As kids, we (Neeti and her three sisters) would choreograph dances sequences and perform in front of our family members and they would be spellbound at our talent.” reminisces Neeti. She is also thankful that Channel V Pop stars proved to be the perfect launchpad for her musical career. “I wouldn't say the journey has been hard but you constantly have to challenge and push yourself to do better.  I’ve achieved my goal if the audience warmly receives my performance. It is of vital importance because we, artists, exist for our audiences and it is for them that we keep re-inventing ourselves.” says the versatile singer who croons fluently even in regional languages.

She has a world's view in music and loves music of different genre from Jennifer Lopez to Beatles to Lata Mangeshkar and Kavita Krishnamurthy.  She says “I perceive music as one entity. I keep listening to various kinds of music including classical compositions, jazz and folk. My choice depends on my mood. As a matter of fact, music is a mix of everything and each genre has the same origins. I'd like to experiment with my music and also hone my dancing skills further” As for the future she plans to try her hand at play back singing but for now she’s happy performing for stage shows and entertaining the audience with her raw child-like energy!
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