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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend it’s a well known
fact but how about choosing from an array of hand crafted jewellery. Get ready to experience the serene, rustic beauty of hand crafted creations at ‘Of Hand’ an exhibition on handmade jewellery designs crafted by three well known designers. This exhibition will display Tat Tvam Asi jewellery collection by Aruna, Moodswings collection by Benaazir Muhammdunni, and Just J linen by Jyoti.

Tat Tvam Asi portrays the artistic brilliance of Aruna where she has tried to epitomize the feeling of adorning one’s being. The use of beads in the designs is exclusive and a visual treat for admirers. Tat Tvam Asi is a Sanskrit sentence, translated variously as "That thou art," "Thou art that," "You are that," or "That you are. Moodswings by Benaazir Muhammdunni is handmade collection for real women – someone with a mind of her own, rebellious, independent and has an individualistic style. The designs are exclusive and would compliment ethnic as well as contemporary style.

Benazir traveled across the country to explore jewellery. She collected antique silver from villages in India and blended it with precious and semi precious stones in one of her collections. The second collection has meenakari, filigree and lac being used in sterling silver. Organic material is also used with non precious metals in her collection. Her collections are fun, playful and depict both exclusivity and functionality. Just J brings back the memories of a perfect home. It is a collection of customized home linen by Jyoti with a range of tablecloths, napkins, which are machine embroidered and block printed on linen. This can be ordered and customized according to one’s requirement.
‘Of Hand’ exhibition on hand crafted creations will be held at Serenity, 8 / 1, 5th Main, Jayamahal Extension,Bangalore on the 30th of June and 1st of July 2011. Prices range from Rs.100 to Rs.3000.
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jayanthi guruprasad Jul 02nd, 2011 01:49 PM

Pl send me the price details of the rings and models.  Also do you have any shop in delhi if not pl open soon and I am interested to be your francise in Delhi/NCR if you have any plans.
With Regards

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