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The Biere Club redefines the drinking culture in Bangalore

Bangalore’s first craft brewery, The Biere Club brews fresh and original beer in small batches using the finest ingredients.

Travel always inspires people to do
something unique. A poet can write verses about what he glimpses; an author can write a fiction of his innumerable anecdotes in a foreign land. A fashion designer can find his muse looking at the pyramids or the deep sea, and a film maker  finds a new destination to shoot his new film….the list is endless as ‘travel’ stirs different people in different ways.

And one such travel escapade to Singapore by two young Bangaloreans paved way to the city’s first micro brewery. “I and Arvind) were thinking of opening a microbrewery for quite some time. But then the real idea kicked in when we were in Singapore having freshly brewed beer at Brewerkz. We loved the concept and we were eager to introduce this concept back home,” recalls Meenakshi Kumar, the co-partner of the one-of-its-kind Biere Club.

And once the siblings were back in Bangalore, they began the hunt for the ‘ideal place’ and the search took them much longer then they had thought. “We kept looking out for places and we would ponder about it for a while about its accessibility. And finally we found this place (where the Kingfisher office was situated earlier),” she says.

Not many knew that a one-of-its-kind brewpub was on its way which would take Bangalore by a storm with its freshly brewed beer. It was exactly a month back when they revealed the building to the revellers on Lavalle road. What looked like an ordinary building at the first look now boasts a new trend that it has successfully set.

The Biere Club is a three storied building that has the aesthetics of a British pub.  “The look is very European and the response has been very encouraging and surprisingly we have been running out of beer,” says Arvind Kumar another co-partner who feels that Wheat beer is extremely popular among the ladies and while the men love the Ale.

At Biere Club you can sample variety of beers like the Belgium Wheat Beer which has a dash of orange and coriander, while the Stout has coffee hints, The Premium Pilsner is a traditional beer with citrus flavour and the Golden Ale has a flowery whiff. “We wish to give add more choices and add as many types of variations as possible to the beer. We are experimenting with flavours by adding a lot of herbs and spices,” says the Brew Master Daniel Wambua.

“Craft brewing is an art, the art of brewing beer the traditional way, avoiding adjuncts like corn and rice, emphasizing instead of flavour and distinctness. It’s a less about catering to a palate and more about acquiring a taste. This is achieved by infusing seasonal produce flavours like mangoes craft a new beer,” says Wambua who says that it takes around 15-30 days for the beer to be ready for consumption after brewing.

The food menu has been particularly designed to match the appetite of the beer connoisseurs. “I am a strong believer that spicy food goes very well with beer. Hence the menu is full of Mediterranean dishes which are not very massive and extremely easy on the palate. The Moroccon chicken, the Fish Shawarma  are few of the popular dishes, where as the bar snacks and the bar nibbles in forms of platters also go well the beer,” says F&B Director Shaun Kenworthy who is currently working on a lunch and a dinner menu at The Biere Club.
A beer at The Biere Club will cost around Rs 500-750/-

The Biere Club

Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore Map

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Valentine Feb 06th, 2012 05:57 PM

Fuckin insane........ Love this place coz theres a lotta diff that got to my head wen i was drinking.... D best thing that flashed me is a lil diff between my gal n my beer there..... Its like my girl gets really jealous if i talk to another girl.. Unlike D beer i drank there it din feel jealous No matter how many mugs i downed... Cheeerssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikhil Mondkar Nov 11th, 2011 12:21 AM

Thanks to all the fans... ....The Biere Club will deliver the same ...
Nikhil Mondkar

somnath Jun 24th, 2011 06:09 PM

Drink and die

rahul nagpal Jun 22nd, 2011 05:41 PM

After visting microbrewz like Rockmanns in gurgaon i think the biere club has done us proud by establishing the same in our our city.... Cheers :) 

Raydon Jun 21st, 2011 03:58 PM

I have a great time last evening @ The Biere Club... Cheers!!!

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