Truly, Madly, Deeply: Memoirs of a broken heart

Faraaz Kazi’s debut novel speaks about the pitfalls of a heart break and how an ordinary love grows into an obsession

“I have to limit myself to Cloud 9, wish
I could go higher,” asserts debutant author Faraaz Kazi who released his novel “Truly, Madly, Deeply” in the city recently. To author a book at the age of 24, definitely makes the young man so elated that he finds it extremely difficult to conceal his enthusiasm. It all started a while back when Faraaz wrote a short story for the Asian Age Writing competition, which won him a consolation prize. And one day when he was browsing through a book store, a mere thought paved way for his debut novel.

“I just thought to myself that why don’t I re-work on my short story and make it into a literary fiction, and once the idea was clear all I had to do was to add more characters and events to expand the story,” says Kazi with a smile. It took three months for him to pen down the story of a teenage boy whose first love becomes his only obsession in life. “It is a story which has a piece of my soul in it. And most of us never achieve our first love. It’s a story that will relate to everyone because of its subject. The book speaks about the pitfalls of heartbreak,” states Kazi who has just completed his MBA.

 “Truly, Madly, Deeply” is a teenage love story that seeks the eternal question about true love. Kazi vividly depicts the emotions in its raw, confusing form in impressive details. He accurately depicts the countless agony of heartaches and it is bound to fascinate you as the story unfolds. For his book, Faraaz would just outline the story on a piece of paper and would sit with his notebook to conceptualize his thoughts during the wee hours, “I would just draft sheets after sheets using the rules of writing,” he says who misses being a part of the big B-schools in the country.

 “Writing comes naturally to those who are out of IIM or IIT, as they have several tales to share about love, alcohol, girls and sex and each tale becomes a story in itself. And that are what we see often in the bookstores.”  Faraaz is extremely passionate about writing and reading comes as a complementary gift to him. “What I write is what I read. All times you can find me immersed in either fantasy or romantic novels,” he says who does everything that a twenty-four year old would do like play cricket, watch movies and sing romantic numbers.
Book: Truly madly Deeply
Author:  Faraaz Kazi
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Price: Rs. 175

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