Update your browser, Google to phase out its support

Google is all set to withdraw support from old version browsers. These include Explorer7, Safari 3 and Firefox 3.5.

The web giant Google will eventually phase out support from internet browsers like Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3, Firefox 3.5 and all of their predecessors starting August 1.The users of these browsers will have difficulty in accessing features like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Docs and Google sites. Google has warned users in its blog stating, if they fail to upgrade to a supported version of the browser, all these services will eventually stop working.  The company also warned that with every upgrade, Google will stop supporting the third oldest version.

According to Google, users should keep the automatic update feature activated to get information about the latest updates. Supporting older browsers means extra work for the web developers and hence added cost for the company. These out-dated browsers act as a deterrent in the development of the new-age browsers. Moreover, the modern day browsers are more aligned in terms of security and are designed keeping in mind the rich internet content claim sources.
For those who think that the modern day browsers are too complicated to use here’s what the company has to say to them - 'either upgrade to a latest browser version or opt not to use the Google features in the near future'

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