Virtual signals to keep a check on Bangalore traffic

Posted by Staffreporter  |  28. June 2011

Bangalore’s traffic congestion will soon get a breather as ‘namma’ city will be the first one in the country to launch a Virtual Area Traffic Control (ATC) system, reaffirming the use of technology to transform traditional ways of policing.This technology will be introduced to reform the ways of traffic control within the next few weeks. This system will help monitor traffic issues and enable the police to manage the traffic chaos better and thus facilitate smoother travel for commuters.

“Unlike the previous ATCs, the new ATC’s function will be on a virtual loop,” said Praveen Sood, Additional Commissioner (Traffic). Four traffic signals on MG Road; Queen’s Statue Circle (JDP junction), Anil Kumble Circle, Cauvery junction (Brigade Road) and Webbs junction (Dickinson Road), will be equipped with cameras that will keep a check on the number of vehicles and depending on the density it will automatically adjust the duration of the traffic signal to avoid delay and congestion by the end of July.

This is not the first time that technology has been used to modify the traffic system in Bangalore. Blackberry Phones introduced four years ago were used to keep a record of any past traffic offence and also issue tickets to traffic rule violators. The new flyovers and road widening has improved the traffic snarl in the city to some extent. Radio updates have kept the drivers informed about the traffic congestion in different parts of the city is one of them. The variable message sign boards installed strategically across the city work on the same principle. LED boards also inform about traffic congestion and jams. SMS services to inform the general public on unforeseen traffic snarls at various signals has also worked wonders.

From going the ‘Munnabhai way’ giving roses to the traffic violators to launching ATC systems at the main signals of the city, Bangalore traffic police is leaving no stone unturned to improve the traffic congestion in the city.

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