Zero budget movie to hit the screens soon

Bollywood’s first zero budget movie to release soon. Sounds like a dream, but no costs were incurred during the making of the film ‘Lo…! Ho Gayi Party’

Movies have always been gala ventures with gigantic budgets,huge star cast and blissful but costly locations.But believe it or not,this movie was made without any money. This is no illusion its true. Bollywood is all set to welcome the first ever zero budget movie. ‘Lo..! Ho Gai Party’ directed by Tejas Padia, a 29 year old lad from Gujarat. The makers of the movie incurred no expenses during the making of the movie.

Actors like Satish Kaushik and Manoj Joshi are a part of the film. For Tejas everything worked on luck. Tejas states that he had to convince the actors to work in the film and as they were good friends, they agreed. “Because the concept of the movie was inventive veteran actors agreed to do my film” gloats Tejas.

The cast, camera, assistant directors, location, pre-production and post production work everything was done in about fourteen months without payment. All this sounds pretty unconvincing but the 29 year old Tejas has made it possible.

“Even the website design and posters of the film have been done without any cost. Wondering what the film will be all about? It is a one and a half hour movie.It is a comedy, which revolves around a group of five youngsters who plan to have a party but things just go wrong. According to sources movie will be released in all multiplexes and single theatres by Diwali this year.

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