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Fig.1 by Mariam Suhail

Quirky, simple, yet layered in its meaning. Mariam Suhail’s drawings remind you of illustrations in text books. 

Gallery Ske is hosting fig. 1 by Mariam Suhail an artist who has dabbled earlier in a variety of media such as sculpture, video and photography. This is Suhail’s debut solo show in Bangalore.

Suhail has exhibited her work in Some Blind Alleys at Anant Art Gallery, Delhi (2007), has participated in the Tanera Mor 3-island International artist residency in Scotland (2007) and was part of the the Khoj International Artists’ workshop in Mumbai (2005). She has also taught at the School of Visual Art, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore and the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi. The Artist completed her BFA from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi (2001) and now lives and works in Bangalore.

In an artist statement, Suhail explains fig.1 as, “a group of drawings from real life situations, not necessarily representing anyone or anything specific.”  MyBangalore got the artist to reveal more about her art work.

How did the idea for fig.1 come about?

I had been interested in the format of diagrammatic drawing that assumes the role of teaching or explaining things, actions, phenomenon etc. That is what triggered off the process of this body of work.  

As an artist what did you want to convey through your series fig.1?

There isn’t one thing that can be stated, it’s not so straightforward. It’s more about the experience of viewing it and taking away from it. At that level I imagine the viewer to find themselves in different situations, confronting the positioning of unlikely objects or subjects together or just upturned normalcy from drawing to drawing.   

Please tell me a bit about your background?

I’ve been practicing art since 2001, which is when I graduated as a fine art student from the Indus Valley school of Art and Architecture in Karachi. I majored in sculpture but the course was very open-ended as in not confined by medium or form. As an artist, I like to observe and document things over long stretches of time and slowly the work happens as I work my way through this collection of observations.   

How long have you worked on the series Fig. 1?

Fig.1 started last year and it was finally completed in the last three months.   

You have sculpted, dabbled in photography and video? With Fig.1 you explore drawing.... Why?

That just happened as a result of the idea. The idea demanded the final form of the work to be drawing and hence it came out as a group of drawings. While the exploration of the medium happened automatically in the process of making the work, it wasn’t the ‘purpose’ of doing it. Basically, my starting point is never the medium, it’s the idea, and this is so for many artists today. However within that I have to say that the exploration of drawing itself is very exciting and full of possibilities. My mind is still stuck inside it.    

Did you witness the scenes you have drawn first hand?

Some were witnessed, some heard and some just imagined.    
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