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In Focus at Crimson

Six art photographers come together to show you what a city conveys to them.

Crimson: The Art Resource
( is bringing together six art photographers in their on going exhibition In Focus: Contemporary Indian Photographs. The exhibit features Atul Bhalla, Gigi Scaria, Preeti Sood, Rachel Immanuel, Shankar Natarajan and Vivek Vilasini who are established and upcoming photographers. The six photographers featured in this show capture the nuances and unique reverberations of city life.

Gigi Sacaria feels that order to understand the psyche (of a city) one needs to enter into the territory of its inhabitants’, and ‘when one looks for it, (the city) definitely provides its clues.’ Having completed his MFA from Jamia Millia University, New Delhi and a BFA from college of Fine Arts Thiruvanathapuram, Sacaria’s has also several awards to his credit. He has also been selected for residency programmes at The National Art Studio in Seoul Korea. Sacaria’s photographs explore different structures of the city that tell a story.

Rachel Immanuel, a graphic artist who too is in awe of the visual culture prevalent in urban environs. Having completed her training in art and design from Sristhi School of Art and Design Bangalore, the artist has a group show in Delhi to her recent credit. Immanuel works are from a series ‘Please Foot Down’ which is about Freedom. In the artists words, “We all love freedom, and never think more than twice if the actions and doings affect others freedom, from city-scapes, to society, class systems and decisions.”

With an MFA in Santiniketan, West Bengal and a BFA from Government College of Arts Punjab, Preeti Sood also holds masters in Printmaking. Sood has a solo show in Delhi to her credit and many select participations and lives currently in the UK. Through her work the artist explores the similarities between her motherland and her current place of residence, “My practice explores memory, time and space within an urban landscape in the context of India where I was born and educated. When I moved to Great Britain from India, I was impressed by similarities and contradictions between the two distinct capital city spaces, Delhi and London.” adds Sood in a statement to the Press.

Atul Bhalla works not only with photography, but also sculpture, installation art and performance.   For years he has been engaged strongly with water in the context of his native city, New Delhi. In Bhalla’s images, the overpowering presence of water is felt –in the stillness of a pond as much as in the raging waves pounding on sturdy sea rock. Bhalla lives and works in Delhi and holds an MFA from Illinois University, USA.
Shankar Natarajan’s pictures are simple and straightforward. There are no explanations, no clarifications, and no justifications. Within this somewhat formal arrangement are hidden some provocative questions. The conclusions for the questions are more disquieting than what meets the eye. Natarajan lives in Mumbai and holds an MFA from MS University.

Vivek Vilasini is known for his striking large-format photographs which allude to socio-cultural and political issues; his images perennially raise questions about the dynamic interplay of man and his predicament, as observed in real/simulated situations.  His pictures in this exhibition prove how an unusual encounter with a quirky site could at once open up a whole new universe of disquiet, incongruity and humour. The scene is a dump yard on the outskirts of London. Vilasini has studies sculpture from traditional craftsmen. 

In Focus:
Contemporary Indian Photographs will be on at Crimson: The Art Resource ( till the 27th of this month.
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