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Ortszeit by Stefan Koppelkamm

This weekend, Max Mulelr Bhavan is celebrating 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Find out how

To commemorate 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall Max Muller Bhavan is hosting Ortszeit/Local Time - an exhibition of poster prints of the works of the German photographer Stefan Koppelkamm. The exhibition will be inaugurated by Koppelkamm on Friday, Juyl 24th. The pictures Koppelkamm explores and documents the changes in parts of Germany in the course of an eventful decade.

Koppelkamm photographed the same houses and streets in East Berlin and East Germany twice - in 1990/91 und 2002/03. The exhibition shows a representative selection of the photographs from Koppelkamm's Ortszeit/Local Time project on 30 posters. The exhibition booklet provides short commentaries on the photographs containing additional information about the buildings depicted and drawing attention to particularly striking details.

Excerpts from an interview with the photographer give us an insight into the project:
"Pure curiosity was my initial motivation. I had already been to the GDR from West Berlin a number of times, I knew Eastern Germany a little, but there were still so many blind spots on my map and names that were only legends to me. When the Wall came down, I lit out eagerly for Dresden, Leipzig, Görlitz, Zittau and Chemnitz, never without my large format camera in the boot of the car.

I photographed situations that fascinated me. I had no intention at all of documenting every last building in East Germany. And I was less interested in exceptional historic buildings than in everyday architecture. Whether there happened to be a car there or a person running into the image didn't matter much to me.

The driving force behind the history of photography has often been the sense that something's liable to disappear. When I undertook my first trips, it was clear to me: this won't look that way for much longer. When I went over the second time around in 2002, I was pretty shocked. In many cases, the history had been simply erased.

My longing was always for the historical, how our cities used to look. Even Berlin in the '80s made you want to explore its past. That "sweet disease, yesteryear"."

About Stefan Koppelkamm
Stefan Koppelkamm lives in Berlin and works as a graphic artist, exhibition designer and photographer. He has taught visual communication at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee since 1993. Since the publication of his book "Glasshouses and Wintergardens of the Nineteenth Century" (London/New York 1981), Koppelkamm has been involved with historical and contemporary aspects of architecture and the urban environment as photographer and author. After publishing "Ortszeit/ Local Time" he has shifted his main focus to artistic photography.

Ortszeit/Local Time, a Journey into the German Past will be open to the public viewing from July 24 - August 8.

For further details call  Max Muller Bhavan: 2520 5305/6/7/8
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