Become an Art Curator with IFA's Curatorship Programme

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) has initiated its four-year Curatorship Programme. It will operate as nodal centers towards building capacity in the area of arts curatorship

IFA’s Curatorship Programme has been designed in collaboration with institutions across the country, which will operate as nodal centers towards building capacity in the area of arts curatorship. Each nodal centre will administer a series of projects that critically examine and energise curatorial theory and practice in visual art and cinema in India. This Curatorship Programme is funded by the Jamsetji Tata Trust.

The Nodal Centres for the Curatorship Programme are:

Jamia Milia Islamia
As part of Jamia Millia Islamia’s endeavor to foster interdisciplinary orientations and nurture emergent fields of study, the Centre for Culture, Media and Governance (CCMG) was established in 2006 and configured as a focal point of research, teaching, training and policy advocacy in the domain of Communication in South Asia. As a Nodal Centre, the CCMG will conduct a research project that will study curatorial activity within institutional structures, political and economic environments, and the evolving relationship between aesthetics and spectatorship; the practice of exhibition and public culture. This research project will take place across two phases: Mapping and Advocacy.

Association of Academics, Artists, Citizens for University Autonomy(ACUA)
Recognizing the need for curatorial studies in India, the Association of Academics, Artists and Citizens for University Autonomy (ACUA) has conceptualized ‘Curating Indian Visual Culture: Theory and Practice’––a traveling workshop series through which an academic curriculum for Curatorial studies will be conceptualized and designed. Through a series of workshops and discussions with academics, curators and artists from varying disciplines, the field will be mapped, problems identified, and the potential of curatorial practice in the context of Indian visual culture will be understood. The venues for these workshops have been tentatively identified as Vadodara, Jammu, Kochi, Shillong, Goa/Hyderabad and Bangalore. This workshop series will conclude with a colloquium to finally create a curriculum.  

Katha Centre for Film Studies (KCFS)
Since its inception, Katha Centre for Film Studies (KCFS) has actively involved young people from the city of Mumbai to think about film, critically and carefully, and has created spaces where they can present films to a wider public. As an extension of this concern, KCFS has developed a programme whereby young film enthusiasts and film/art students will be trained in the practice of film curation through an annual workshop series which will culminate in a film festival. By providing analytical and research skills as well as infrastructural support, KCFS seeks to empower and validate the perspective of a new generation of film curators.

KHOJ International Artists' Association
KHOJ International Artists' Association is a registered, autonomous artist-led initiative which was set up in 1997. It is part of the global Triangle Arts Trust. As a forum that seeks to create new forms of knowledge based on arts practice that addresses both tradition and modernity, KHOJ positions its residency programmes within a ‘learning by exchange model’, which foregrounds experimentation, invention, research and critical debate. Over the years the KHOJ residencies have evolved to provide young and mid-career artists a platform which enables and encourages artists to interrogate their practice. It is within this framework that KHOJ proposes to host a national network curators-in-residence programme for young aspiring curators, conduct an art writing workshop and host an international seminar addressing critical issues of curating Indian art in the global context. 

Partnering with Museums across Country
In addition to the projects coordinated by the nodal centers, during the first two years of the Curatorship Programme, IFA will also focus directly on developing partnerships with at least 2-3 strategically identified museums across the country. It is hoped that this initiative will result in museum based curatorial fellowships for emerging curators in the third year of the programme.

IFA will also design, publish and regularly update a website devoted to the consolidation of all current thinking on curatorship—both arising from IFA’s Curatorship Programme and through other networks.

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