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If your the type who wakes up early and enjoys taking walks to the morning sound of birds chirping and feeling the rays of the sun soak you with its warmth, then Bird Watching (the winged kind) is just what you need to try.

Bird watching enthusiasts in Bangalore
enjoy waking up early morning on their days off and head out to the outskirts of the city to view the splendour of mother nature displayed in the various types of birds. A birder requires patience, keen observation and listening skills. Generally people go birding with others as part of a group since in most cases more eyes searching the skies is better than a single pair of eyes. This makes bird watching a social and community building effort that can be a lot of fun as long as your willing to learn from others. 

One of the best ways to observe a bird is to listen to the sounds that they make and to try and identify them by their chirping as it can difficult to watch a bird for a long period of time as they hardly sit still. Birders generally carry books on the different types of birds that are found in the Indian subcontinent along with them on their trips. The books help to identify the birds and distinguish them from others that may look or sound alike. A good pair of binoculars are also very helpful as you can get nice views of birds from far away without spooking them.

You’ll also find a lot of people hauling their cameras with huge lenses attached to them from one spot to another to try and capture some stunning images of the birds which are useful in identification of birds and also to gain bragging rights. 
Bangalore also plays host to an annual bird race during which participants can sign up along with their friends for a day of frenzied activity where they try and spot more birds than the other groups. This is a great way of keep account of birds in and around the city and the competitive atmosphere also helps in people being more keen in sighting rarer birds. 

If your interested in birding you can always join up with some clubs in Bangalore that enjoy regular bird watching trips. The BNGbirds group on yahoo is one of the groups that helps people get introduced to birding and members can easily join in on the birding sessions on the weekend along with people of different skill levels. The group schedules weekend outings on 3 Sundays of the week in different parts of town like Hebbal Lake, Lal Bagh,  Bannerghatta National Park, Ragihalli and other areas.

Birding is a great hobby and pass time and helps people get away from the daily grind of city life and thrusts you into the lap of nature. Birders are also very strict on certain rules like not harassing birds and taking photos of their nests which can be used by poachers to find them and capture them to sell in the markets as pets or as food! These are just a few rules to remember that can help you learn more about the birds while also protecting their way of life. Happy birding to you! 

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Shyama Bhat Kolari Jul 05th, 2011 09:57 PM

I want help to identify a bird that has come to my garden today. I have it's photo.

Nanda Jul 04th, 2010 03:59 PM

Nice article...
You should have also mentioned some good birding places. I will add few here for the the benefit of those who read your article and get inspired to go around. :)
1. Lalbagh
2. Hebbal Lake
3. Valley School 
4. Nandi Hills (far but a good picnic spot also)
5. Kokrebellur
6. Madiwala Lake
6. Gnana Bharathi Campus (Yet to visit for me)

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