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Nadi Shatra: The art of pulse reading to diagnose ailments

Nadi Shastra is the art of pulse reading, Nadi readings was practiced in ancient days to diagnose the disease of the patient. Just by reading the pulse, the disease and ailment is diagnosed along with what might have caused the problem.

Rajeev Kennan, an entrepreneur from
Bangalore, was amazed that a mere probing of his pulse could indicate what problems he had. He says “I was suffering from acute hypertension and I visited a nadi vaidya (an ayurvedic doctor who specializes in reading the pulse) and he held my pulse for a few seconds and said that I was over-stressed and needed a break. I was shocked beyond belief, how can someone just read pulse points and point out what problems you have,”

But yet it is easier imagined than practiced. Nadi Shastra is the age old methodology for treating humans through feeling their pulse and understanding the body constitution within matter of minutes. The science, the art that has staged quite an impressive comeback in this ultramodern age of hi-tech medical science. Through nadi shastra, one can detect various problems such as infertility, obesity, hypertension, paralysis, mental disorders, severe joint pains and skin diseases.

According to the scriptures, the human body is made up of 72000 channels connected to the seven spiral energy centers, the diseases of body and mind, which in turn block the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Explaining about Nadi Shastra, Vaidya Gurunath Das says “This science is slowly gaining popularity, though not many practice it anymore it can cure a lot of problems. Doctors can point out the problems only after seeing the scans, x-ray or physical examination, but here the pulse points say it all. We can detect energy blockages through pulse points and that’s how we know what the problem is,”

“The best time to check the pulse is in the early morning, physiologically the least active time of the day. Three fingers are used to check pulse points, the middle, index, and ring, with the index finger placed closest to the wrist crease. At first, the three positions are palpated simultaneously, initially, lightly, then with medium pressure, and finally more strongly. After this, each position is checked separately. Different systems are used whereby the pulse at each position is identified with certain organs,” Says Vaidya Gurunath.

Since pulse taking is an art, there is no single orthodox set of correspondences. Rather, there are many ways to integrate the same patterns. He says “When the pulse is taken, attention is given to the frequency, amplitude and quality of the pulse. A normal pulse is distinct, discernible to the fingertip upon medium pressure, and can still be palpated with the application of heavy pressure,”

Nadi Shastra has two critical aspects - one is the identification and the other is the treatment. “Many vaidyas can read the pulse, but they do not specialize in treatment. Treatment is also a very critical aspect," says Vaidya Gurunath.

Treatment is largely in the form of kadas. Kadas are made from herbs that are boiled in water. The treatment aims at cleansing these channels, pacifying the disease and nourishing the body. It provides longevity, immunity against the disease,” he says.

The correlations most commonly used are:
1. Left hand proximal position corresponds to Kidney
2. Left hand middle position corresponds to Liver
3. Left hand distal position corresponds to Heart
4. Right hand middle position corresponds to Spleen
5. Right hand distal position corresponds to Lungs
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