Hibuddy: Voice-based social networking for mobile phone users!

Social Media on the web is booming and people connect is the new mantra. has just done an apt thing by launching a voice-based social networking and blogging platform called ‘Hibuddy’ for mobile phone users!

If you were bored of the existing social networks poking and tweeting, here is something new to keep you busy. Indiatimes has announced the launch of Hibuddy, a voice social networking and blogging service for mobile users.

The company says what inspired them to start this service was the success of social networks online and the ever increasing mobile web users in India.

To access this new service, users need to call 58888199 and create their voice channel, through which they can connect to other users, with similar interests. Through this service, users can also voice blog and display their verbal talents. Others users, who are looking for this content, can follow these channels to enjoy the content, making it a complete C2C continuum. All in all, users can do a host of activities like singing songs, listening to shayari, giving opinions on latest movies and join groups/forums of similar interests with friends and potential friends.

Users have to subscribe to this service for Rs. 15 for 15 days. Also, the call charges are Rs. 1 per minute. The internet penetration in India is only about 2 per cent, while the mobile penetration is much higher. Social networking has grown exponentially in India and this novel concept is just going to further the growth. Voice is a more personal medium to communicate and there is no need to stay connected to the internet with this service. These are the strong pillars on which this concept is based and is touted to be the next big thing in India.

Currently the service is available with only Reliance mobile network, but Indiatimes says it will soon be available on many more networks. This concept is pretty unexplored and has tremendous potential to form a major part of India’s growth of social media considering India’s high mobile penetration. Is there a better way to express yourself?

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