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Manifold Benefits of Meditation Brahmarshi Patriji

In part 2 of the 3 part Meditation series, we will explore, the teachings of Brahmashri Patriji and the benefits that lie in meditation. In the previous piece, we explored what the practice of Meditation entailed.

As established in Practice of Meditation, where we spoke about how the action of correct breathing with steady inhalation and exhalation was the cornerstone of meditation, in this piece we will explore its benefits. This kind of breathing and clearing of the mind is a practice that finds its roots in the teachings of Buddha where this was called Anapanasati meditation, or “mindfulness in breathing.” Brahmarshi Patriji, tells us that this kind of mediation, alone, will provide spiritual health to a person. He says, “Spiritual health is the root and physical health is the fruit. Meditation is the greatest gift given by our own efforts to our own lives. We can give so much to ourselves.”

Meditation is known to cure us physically as well as emotionally. Over time this can yield benefits that could help you do away with visits to the doctor, dependence on medication for lifestyle related problems like sleep deprivation, as well as increase your energy and stamina in applying yourself towards work and commitments. 

We explore some of the areas that benefit with incorporating Meditation in our lives. 

Diseases can be healed – With the regular practice of Anapansati medication, over an extended period of time, where this becomes daily practice, problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, obesity, can find a notable improvement. These diseases and ailments are known as lifestyle diseases and are a by-product of stress, bad eating habits, addictions etc. Meditation infuses good fresh oxygen into our blood dream, allowing our heart to pump fresh blood better, and then the production of “happy hormones” which also work hand in hand in reducing the ill-effects of a disease. This comes down to a positive attitude and a manifestation in general well being. 

"Diseases are primarily because of previous negative karma. Until and unless the negative karma is neutralized, the disease will not vanish; no medicine will be of any help to clear the negative karma."

Wasteful habits can be cured – Smoking, binge drinking, over-eating, over-sleeping, etc, are addictions and habits, that we are aware, can be done away with some mind control and will power. Meditation encourages the mind to focus and strengthens our will towards over-coming weaknesses. Meditation, gives us some time to ourselves, that then helps to de-clutter and focus on being more productive. 

A sense of joy and relaxation – As Patriji says, “Mind will stay in a peaceful and joyful state.” As discussed in the Practice of Meditation with the intake of oxygen there is a release of serotonin which garners a feeling of well-being within us. Making meditation a part of our daily lives, with a few minutes devoted to quiet and clarity of mind, work towards one feeling better. 

Increased work efficiency and speed– regular meditation helps you increase the efficiency with which you are able to tackle your and commitments. There is a reduced feeling of being lethargic and allowing yourself to be bogged down with work. This helps in you finding clarity on areas that need focus in your own life, and taking care of these issues head on. You are able to think more clearly, with new energy helping you have a fresh outlook with more ideas. 

Relationships become more qualitative and fulfilling –Meditation improves your inter-personal relations with people you are in constant interaction with. Right from your spouse, kids, colleagues, friends etc. It comes down to meditation allowing you a few minutes of peace and tranquility you give to yourself, without encumbrances of other people and their problems.

According to the teachings of Buddha, the circumstances of one's birth, both fortunate and unfortunate, are the direct result of past life karma.  Every virtuous and non-virtuous word, thought, or action creates an imprint which at some point will be reflected back as either positive or negative karma. It is the karma of action that holds more consequence than the karma of thought. Also, it is one's intention, or mental attitude, that largely determines the weight of the karma. For example, one's motiv

Faster decision making - With clearer and more focused thinking, you decision making abilities and are highly improved. This helps you cut to filter through information and make sound decisions. 

With these basics covered, that have to deal with you as a social inter-personal individual, Brahmarshi Patriji says, this will all lead to better understanding the purpose of your life. There will be “total healing” in the way you feel. We are all born with a purpose, with a mission, with a design, with a plan. Only the spiritually mature people can understand and be aware of their particular purpose, mission, design and plan in their lives.

“All physical afflictions are because of mental worries. All mental worries are because of intellectual immaturity. Intellectual immaturity is because of lack of spiritual energy and lack of spiritual wisdom.”
Brahmashri Patriji is the  the Founder of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement and The Pyramid Valley Retreat. This International Meditation Center was set up as a retreat to serve individuals, societies and organizations in their quest for self realization and spiritual wisdom. Pyramid valley is a paradise to meditate, relax or just to be one with nature or experiment by learning new life skills. It was founded by Brahmarshi Patriji who will tell us in a 3 part series about the Need to practice meditation. 

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How the previous negative Karmas can be neutralised by Pyramid meditation?Hope some pyramid teachers may help me in this question.

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