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Kalyan Varma a noted photographer will be holding a photography workshop while sharing his own experiences and help budding photographers. This workshop is for photographers at all levels.

Kalyan Varm, a photographer and wildlife enthusiastKalyan Varm, a photographer and wildlife enthusiast

We all know that pictures can tell powerful stories, which is probably the reason why it interests many. Whether its the act of looking at pictures or of framing, composing and clicking. It was a love for photography and wildlife that inspired Kalyan Varma to switch from a top-rated IT company to becoming a photographer.

His work has been published in a variety of publications all around the world which includes BBC Wildlife, Sanctuary Asia, National Geographic and more. Presently Kalyan Varma is working as a freelance wildlife photographer. Along with that, he also works as a national history consultant, a naturalist and a filmmaker. He even contributes web stories to BBC.  

Photograph: Kalyan VarmaPhotograph: Kalyan Varma

His photography workshop in the Bangalore is scheduled for  Sept 11 – 12, 2010   with many takers for the limited seats. The workshop is a 2 day crash course that introduces you to the art and science of photography. You can get insights and advice from Kalyan Varma about how to tell stories and capture rare moments with the help of your camera.    

Kalyan Varma was an engineering student who after completing his degree joined an IT company where he worked for three years. But love for wildlife and travelling motivated him to pursue photography as a career. After leaving his job, he stayed at BR hills for about eight months working as a naturalist with Jungle Lodges. After wining the Sanctuary Wildlife photographer of the year in 2005; he was motivated to take up wildlife photography more seriously. Apart from photography, he also enjoys bird-watching and travelling.  

The Workshop
The workshop is for anyone who is passionate about photography but don’t know where to start. The class puts emphasis on getting inspired and seeing things with a new prospective. It shall also provide tips that can help maximize photo opportunities. You will also get to know about the basic concepts of photography which would include depth of field, proper use of flash, exposure calculation etc. There would also be a field trip where the participants can test their newly learnt skills. The course can help you feel more in control when it comes to your digital camera equipment. Reviews and critique sessions would also help overcome your weaknesses and grow as a photographer.  

The course includes: 
Learning what equipment to buy and how to use it effectively. The class also provides tips regarding photography accessories like filters, flash etc. You can also learn how to maintain and care for your camera equipment.
Understanding exposure, depth of field is essential to becoming a good photographer; the class would help show how you can make a great exposure and not rely on guesswork. 
Testing your skills on the field
Learning everything there is to know about efficient compositions. Know zones of sharpness; learning how to use lenses efficiently and how to seek the best perspective etc.
Learning to use many different tools like unsharp mask, levels, noise reduction and cloning. Also getting to know post-production methods to improve the quality of your photograph.
Getting to know how to push your photography to the next level and how to rise in the particular field.
Critique sessions would help you find out your limitations and weaknesses so that you can effectively overcome them to get the best out of your photographs.
A full session where you may clarify all your doubts in order to become better informed.

The course costs about Rs 6000, this would include the workshop along with goodie bag, a T-shirt and lunch and snacks for both days. You are required to take along your camera gear and you may even take your camera but it is not necessary. Participants may also take along with them a couple of their best photos that can be shown at the end of the class. 

The next workshop is from  and the spaces are fast filling, all who are interested can mail Kalyan Varma at  

Kalyan Varma Photography Workshop,

Shilton Royale
No 9, 100ft road,
Koramangala, Bangalore -560047 Map

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