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5 places to stopover for hot chai in Bangalore

We pick out few places in the city for you to stopover for hot chai and soak up the rainy season.

Tea means many things to many people,
for some, it's just a refreshing drink on a tiring day, for others it's a brew without which the day does not begin, and for many it's a whole ritual altogether. You may be surprised to know that, second to water; tea is the most preferred beverage for people around the world. But how often do you think about what type of tea you are drinking, where it was grown, how it was processed and what is the best way to drink it? Though most of us like our tea with copious amounts of milk and sugar, purists recommend that tea be best consumed without these. Also the benefits of tea are multitude as it contains high levels of antioxidants which helps reduce fatigue, slows the ageing process and also boosts the immune system.  

Infinitea - Cunningham Road
Infinitea an exclusive tea bar situated in Cunningham Road was the first tea bar to open in Bangalore. They offer over 50 different kinds of tea (hot and cold; with and without milk). Every brew, whether it's Blue Curacao or Butterscotch, comes with a beautifully worded description, making menu-reading an absorbing pastime here! Don't forget to order Stupa. The tea leaves for this come in the form a tightly woven bud that blooms in the cup.

The Cha Bar – Leela Palace
Set in an extremely modern and contemporary space, Cha Bar brews a wide selection of Indian and international tea including varieties from Darjeeling, Nilgiri, Sikkim, China, Japan, Russia and Morocco. The Cha Bar, according to Chef Abhjit Saha, was set up to "reinvent tea in an urban, contemporary setting and to romanticize the experience". "Herbal tea is something that's a hot favourite among our customers. Herbs are soaked in tea decoction and then its filtered and a little milk and honey is added to it," adds the Chef.

Green Theory – Convent Road
Relatively a new place, they serve a wide range of organic teas. They have everything from Rose tea to Masala tea and Orange tea to Khus tea. The tea is organically grown and brewed with special care and attention. The Rose tea is a must-try here; it is served beautifully in a cup garnished with rose petals. It has a light aroma of rose and the goodness of tea. A winning combination indeed! The teas are reasonably priced and range from Rs. 55 – Rs. 65

Chaipatty Teafe – Indiranagar
Chaipatty offers a refreshing blend of older and newer tastes filtered and served in a rustic way. Chaipatty serves the infamous cutting chai and other concoctions in terracotta kulhars which adds a bucolic vibe to your whole experience. Apart from this you can create your own tea as well. So head over to Chaipatty and personalize your own flavor!

Savera Tea Centre – Shivajinagar
So, this place may make you twitch your nose and make you think twice before stepping in, but they serve the "best Muslim tea in Bangalore”. Started almost 30 years ago, Savera Tea Centre sells over 1500 cups of tea in a day.

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Satish Dubey Sep 08th, 2011 05:35 PM

I think it is time that India gets its due share of a brand in 'Chai'. Very well written reviews, I suggest you should also check out Chai Point...slightly a different model than those mentioned here but worth visiting...

akshay Jul 06th, 2011 11:03 AM

Makkah tea stall @ Jhonson market!

Nagraj Prabhu Jul 04th, 2011 04:06 PM

You have missed one place -
The chai served by them is really good/authentic.
This is a relatively new startup - chain of kiosks opened by an entrepreneur

Prasanna S Jul 04th, 2011 02:53 PM

5 places to stopover for hot chai in Bangalore

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