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Art Show: The Black Princess who found her Green Gold

Artist Rashmi Rachel George showcases her eclectic work of art in charcoal on canvas.

As I walked on Rest House Road last evening
, a captivating array of lights caught my attention, and I couldn’t stop myself from entering the rustic Rococo Gallery.  And as I stepped into the gallery I found myself amidst huge canvases of charcoal paintings by Rashmi Rachel George which beautifully adorned the white walls. Rashmi is a self taught artist who studied Art History in Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat quite contrary of what she does. It was her artist-mother Ruby George who introduced her to the fascinating world of images, canvases and colours.  “My first tryst with colours began at an age of seven and since then there is no looking back. For me painting is a magical and spiritual experience,” says the artist.

Rashmi’s art works are surreal and extremely entrancing. Her work of art transported me to an ecstatic state of mind and I found myself increasingly drawn to each one of them. “That’s exactly what I want people to go through when they look at my work. I want my work to be challenging and equally confusing. People should question themselves and the venue perfectly complements that feel. It gives a person enough space to stand, think, judge and critic,” says Rashmi who had her first show in the year 2007.

When it comes to paintings we all think of a canvas filled with a riot of colours but with Rashmi's it's a mere opposite. “Black is the most misunderstood of all colours. Strictly speaking black is not really a colour. It is the absence of all colour. While white reveals, black conceals,” states the artist walking us through her work.   Her latest solo show ‘The Black Princess And Her Green Gold’ is an epitome of her thoughts. The artist uses the Black Coal as a medium to fill the colossal emptiness with the eternal goodness of nature. “The Black Princess is referred to the coal that I use in my work. Coal is a fast depleting resource and the colour green is used in semblance to nature. I believe we should all go green and do our bit in resourceful recycling of waste,” says Rashmi who dabbles between Goa and Bangalore.

The artist usually paints at the break of the dawn. Rashmi finds her artistic calling at 4 in the morning when she sits on her knees with a huge canvass on the floor and resumes her work following her simple rule, “When I start doing a painting I want to be continuing doing that in the same mood. And if I lose interest in between I just move to another work. Because I want the same energy to flow in a particular piece of art and I want people to experience the same feeling when they look at my work. My mood is the weapon of my art,” smiles Rashmi.
To take a glimpse at Rashmi Rachel George you can visit: Rococo Gallery, Rest House Road.  The paintings are on display till 26th July from 11 am to 7 pm.

Rococo gallery

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