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Bangalore hospitals use robotic technology for surgeries

Two leading hospitals in the city recently launched new surgical treatments – using robotic technology.

Medical innovation is evolving with
every single day with new treatment, new technology coming to the fore. Two leading hospitals in the city recently launched new surgical treatments – using robotic technology. While Manipal Hospital In Bangalore introduced the Robotic Assisted Surgery (RAS) which aims to improve the quality of medical procedures and shorten patient’s recovery time in the hospital. Apollo Hospitals launched the Totally Endoscopic technology for cardiac surgery. This form of cardiac surgery is being brought to South India for the very first time and is a near robotic technology which results in faster recovery, shorter hospital stay and minimum risk for complications.

Totally Endoscopic technology involves the use of a long flexible tube with a camera and light attached, which is inserted into the body through a small incision. The image is sent to a screen that the surgeon watches during the operation. The surgeon also makes other small incisions to insert required tools necessary to perform the procedure. “In order to rectify a problem deep in the heart, traditional surgeons have to open up the chest - making an incision from the lower throat region right upto the navel. Endoscopic or keyhole surgery implies that the operation will be less traumatic than traditional surgery. With the help of hi-tech instruments, this type of surgery involves making smaller incisions facilitating quicker recovery and fewer side-effects. This technology focuses on providing an enhanced operative experience to the patient and an improved quality of life.” says Dr Sathyaki Nambala, Senior Consultant Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, Apollo Hospital Bangalore.

Manipal has also setup a first of its kind robotic facility with a Rs 10 Cr technology initiative. This unique surgical technology will be used in operating rooms with applications in the specialties urology, gynecology and oncology. This state of the art unique surgical system comes equipped with multiple robotic arms, tipped with precise instruments; the RAS will function as an extension of the surgeon's hands. The robotic surgical system is designed to seamlessly replicate the movement of the surgeon's hands with the tips of micro-instruments. The system cannot make decisions on its own, nor can it perform any type of movement or maneuver, without the surgeon’s direct input, so at all times during the surgery, it is guided by and under the direct supervision of the surgeon.

The sophisticated robotic system is capable of expanding the operator’s surgical skills, allowing unmatched accuracy, vision and control. Rajen Padukone, CEO, Manipal Health Enterprises, says, “RAS is a boon to the medical community, by raising the bar of surgical management at Manipal Hospital. We will use RAS in a bid to benefit and save patients suffering from plethora of health problems. RAS can be used for many types of surgery, from oncology to urology. The major advantage of Robotics assisted surgery is that the incisions made are tiny so the recovery from surgery is extremely quick. Quick healing time is hallmark of this surgery.”

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