Bangalore’s pubs and eateries to shut down by 11pm?

The cops in Bangalore are eager to close down the restaurants and pubs by 11 pm though the owners are finding it hard to welcome the new deadline.

India’s IT capital, Bangalore may be popular
worldwide for its cosmopolitan culture but when it comes to reviewing deadlines for pubs and restaurants the cops here are highly impulsive. And this time around, they want the customers and owners of pubs and restaurants in the CBD (Central Business District)  areas to shut shop by 11 pm.   

Hotel proprietors on MG Road, Church Street,Vittal Mallya Road and other areas are anxious and already on the complaining mode. “The policemen who come in are not ready to listen to our problems. They are ordered not to disturb the public so they eventually take our workers to task,” said a bar owner on Rest House Road.  It is not just the owners who are baffled with the new rule, even the party-goers are cribbing.

 “There are times when customers refuse to leave at 11.30pm. We try to convince customers to finish their food and beverages by 11, but some of them don’t. Because of our customer service policy, we cannot be rude to them and throw them out. Police are not ready to understand this. They come in and take the owner to the police station”, said the owner of a high-end restaurant.

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