Colourful kitsch from Chidiya

If you are a true art connoisseur and looking out for some really unique handmade craftworks, then Chidiya provides some interesting options.

Sheetal Patel, the brain behind the
colorful handmade craftworks considers Chidiya as a small attempt to give wings to her dreams. Coming from an interior designing background, her fascination towards handmade products can be traced back to the days when she used to collect and preserve them carefully during her school days. Talking about the name of the store, Sheetal quips, “Like a bird we want to spread our wings and fly high up in the sky, making dreams come true and spreading smiles, Hence the name CHIDIYA”.

A wide array of eye-catching products like colored bottles, antique postcards, tuk tuk art, leather chappals, kite giftags, beer earrings among others are bound to entice and grab your eyeballs. In Bangalore, popular stores like Levitate and Orange Bicycle have well-stocked collection of Chidiya products. These artifacts have marked its presence in Sohrab Hall (Pune), DLG Galleria (Gurgaon) Maalgadi and Klassic Complex (Surat) as well. 

Of all the products, it’s undoubtedly the happy high leather chappals embellished with beer bottle caps that clearly stands out and woos you with its simple yet sophisticated look. Besides, you can also pick up other super cute stuffs like dyed bottles infused with sequence work and sequins. The new arrivals, boxer shorts that come in varied hues and designs are equally interesting. “Making these products gives me immense happiness. Hoping to share the same with everyone and spread some smiles,” she adds gleefully.  

Although she doesn’t have any expansion plans as such, the brand is receiving some rave reviews for its uniqueness. While most of them are designed and executed by Sheetal herself, some of the products like chappals and boxers are made by her vendors.  If all goes well, very soon Sheetal and her team will be coming out with a new range of recycled products. Till then, happy shopping!
To know more about Chidiya and its product portfolio, log onto Facebook. You can also reach them directly at to place online orders.

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komal joshi Mar 16th, 2012 02:27 PM

ur product is very cute 

Chetan Jul 25th, 2011 11:20 AM

Wow!!! This is really innovative!! Just want ti say "Chidiya Rocks!"

ashwini Jul 23rd, 2011 11:58 AM

hi... this is ashwini here from suvarna news, im interested in doing a story on your store. i found it really unique. if u are ok with it.. plz send me your contact number. so that i can take it further. 

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