Creating a new club culture with 'Silent Noise' party!

The Silent Noise party is a festival of music, a new generation for club culture!

A new generation for club culture! Photo:A new generation for club culture! Photo: www.silentnoise.in

Moving away from Goa and into
Bangalore is the Silent Noise party (Headphones Party), which is a new concept in clubbing that is reviving the outdoor party vibe. Connected to the music with wireless headsets, hundreds of happy clubbers can dance the night away without disturbing the neighbours - or breaking the law. By using headphones, Silent Noise has breathed new life into nightlife! With three international DJs playing live, party-goers can change the music without changing venue. All you have to do is just switch the headphone channel to move from a techno rave to retro tunes to the latest in electro house, with the DJs competing to get the crowd to tune into their set.

After a tremendous response the first time around, the party is back in the city again. This time the party will feature DJ’s Justin Mason (Pure House), Vachan (Techno / Drum and Base) and Kay Mikado (Progressive / Euro Trance). The headphone party concept is big in European festivals where wireless headsets allow people to party while nobody else is disturbed. Also each DJ is assigned a channel and colour, and listeners’ headphones correspond to the colour. “What I really like about Silent Noise is that it allows people to interact with each other and since the DJs can see responses of clubbers to the music; this tends to create a bit of mild competition, which is good,” says Tej, a music enthusiast and a party regular.

He adds, “The sound quality in the headphones is absolutely brilliant. And when the DJs start playing retro hits and some trance numbers, you are instantly transported to another world. It's almost surreal. Another benefit is the ability to get to hear multiple styles of music in one room.” So go ahead and simply switch the headphones off to chill out and chat with your friends, before plunging back into the wireless world of Silent Noise!
Visit www.silentnoise.in for more details. Catch the second edition of the Silent Noise party at Pebbles on 6th of July 2011 from 6:00 PM to 11:30 PM

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