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Divas of Rock: Showcase your singing talent!

Divas of Rock is a platform for young aspiring women rockers to showcase their singing talent.

Divas of Rock: Showcase your singing talent! Photo:GoogleDivas of Rock: Showcase your singing talent! Photo:Google

Divas of Rock’ is a unique platform to
discover sparkling young talent and provide them with a stepping stone to success. This platform will encourage emergent talent and provide the well needed push to deserving female music artists. It is a medium through which these artists will stand a chance to be showcased through a road show performance format across five different cities over a period of six months.

Upcoming rock bands will be proficiently selected by Rolling Stones and will get a chance to perform alongside well known rock bands such as The Petri Dish project. Talking about this initiative, Veer Vijay Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Vivanta by Taj says “Emerging bands will get an opportunity to seek guidance from Day 1, a Sony Music Independent.  They will provide valuable assistance for their music career and also give inputs on artist development with regards to distribution, band identity development, marketing, alliances and promotions, music publishing and digital strategy.”

He further adds,” Divas of Rock will be one of the many endeavors undertaken by Vivanta by Taj to portray its core values of creativity, radiance and vibrancy and at the same time keeping up with the philosophy of giving back to the community.” The talents who are representing Bangalore are Gowri Jayakumar and Ashima Aiyer. Ashima has been creating quite a buzz in the music industry for a while now. With influences including Dave Matthews and Patty Griffin, Ashima's music surprises and captivates listeners with her unique harmonies and intelligent, emotional lyrics.

Gowri, a 25-year-old from Bangalore turns every lover, bird and dead friend into a song. She won the Resonate Music Award in 2009, and recorded seven original compositions at Bangalore’s Christortion Studio. Her musical journey takes its shape from a deep love for storytelling as told by Nick Drake, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and her obsession with the sound of the acoustic guitar, as played by Kaki King, Eric Clapton, Robert Johnson, J J Cale. With an acoustic guitar in hand, the girl has woes and indigestion aplenty – fodder for new brews and sweeter melodies.
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