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Echoes of music and dance at Attakkalari Centre in Bangalore

Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts is a premier dance school in Bangalore that specializes in contemporary movement arts

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
is the motto that echoes in the corridors of the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts in Bangalore. Tucked away in a bylane of Wilson Garden, this dance school is quietly but surely bringing to fore some explosive dance talents in the city. Established in 1992 to facilitate the development of contemporary cultural expressions in India, particularly in the performing arts, Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts is India’s premiere organization working in the field of contemporary movement arts.

As you enter the premises of this dance school, you are engulfed in an aura of positive energy that this place radiates. It is an artist run community that promotes, facilitates and nurtures creative and artistic work. It offers space and assistance for classes, rehearsals, performances and creates an atmosphere where one can truly evolve. The main objective of the dance school is to spread the reach of contemporary performance arts and to make dance as a viable career option for young people. As part of their Education Outreach Activities, Attakkalari conducts regular classes in contemporary dance, classical dance and Kalarippayattu for the public across all ages.

The instructors for these classes are dancers from their own Repertory who are all trained in Attakkalari's unique movement language. “I joined Attakkalari in 2006 and finished my Repertory in 2007, I’ve been teaching here since then. I conduct the community dance programme every week and we have people from all walks of life. We have people from the IT sector, housewives, college-goers and it’s a nice mix of people. It’s a great premise to grow as a dancer as it gives you the space to explore your talent and further your skills,” says Diya Naidu, as she takes a break from her class.

Many of their contemporary dance classes use very specific dance techniques like the Double Skin/Double Mind, Contact Improvisation, Ballet, Contemporary Technique and so on. “Our aim here is to improve a student’s movement vocabulary through dance and we use various popular techniques. In my class, I use a lot of contemporary movements, martial art based movements like Capoeira, Tai Chi. I also incorporate yoga, jazz, footwork training and choreography to make it an interesting session.” she adds.

The dancers at Attakkalari also do a lot of corporate shows and often tour across the country for various performances. “We do at least two corporate shows in a month and also perform at various festivals. This gives us the much-needed exposure and the space to explore our boundaries. At the end of every batch, the students put up performances; through this we want them to develop an appreciation for dance, as well as a sense of accomplishment and achievement.” explains Diya.
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