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Flaunt your teeth tattoo!

If you fancy getting your teeth inked with flamboyant designs or precious stones, then Dr. Pooya’s Health Care Center snuggled in Langford town is your destination.

Now, get your teeth tattooed. Photo: GoogleNow, get your teeth tattooed. Photo: Google

Gone are the days when fashion-forward
people used to proudly flaunt their cool body art. Now, tattooing on teeth with bejeweled designs, adorned with semi-precious stones has become the hottest trend. Mir Pooya Muzaffary, teeth tattoo expert and owner of Pooya Clinic says “It’s been almost six years since I developed this concept here. Youngsters, nowadays, have a strong urge to stand out in the crowd and teeth tattooing is one of the ways, where they can make a cool style statement. Both women and men in the age group of 18- 45 are open to getting their teeth inked.”    

The art of teeth tattooing is quite ancient and can traced back to the old days when women in China and Japan, would stain their teeth black as a part of their regular beauty routine. In most of the dental clinics, a tattoo design is generally applied directly to the crown and doesn’t include any sort of additional drilling. To ensure that the image remains visible, teeth are inked by baking colored porcelain onto the surface of the tooth at a high temperature. Those who wish to get a dazzling smile can get their teeth decorated with precious and semi-precious stones.

According to Dr. Pooya, some of the hottest tattoo designs currently doing the rounds are bejeweled skull, butterfly and guitar patterns. The treatment can cost anywhere between Rs 3,000 and Rs 6,000 depending on the shade, design and stone. The procedure involved in teeth-tattooing is extremely simple and doesn’t involve any kind of cutting or damage to the teeth.

While the application process takes 15 minutes at the most, removing it is equally easier and takes just about five minutes. There are no side-effects to teeth, gums or skin, whatsoever, as the substances used for tattooing is same as to the one used for teeth treatment. However, the person must make sure to maintain good oral hygiene and undergo normal tooth cleaning to avoid cavities.
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ashwin77 Jul 06th, 2013 09:28 AM

Interesting! I'm quite familiar with body tattoos, this sounds interesting to me!

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