FLOH: Mingle with the single(s) in Bangalore

Life couldn't get better for the single men and women in the city who are now rubbing shoulders with the others 'likewise'.

Find your love over here! Photo:GoogleFind your love over here! Photo:Google

Cupid draw back your bow and let
your arrow go..Straight to my lover's heart for me, for me
..were the lines hummed by most singles in the city until recently.  
Yes! The singles in the city are now painting the town red as they have found themselves the comfort of the right company of not one but many. And they aren't complaining! Wondering what we are talking about? Then hang on…to our own surprise we just discovered a one-of-its-kind community which not only boasts of bringing the best singles together but also celebrates with them the joys of being single. FLOH (Find Life Over Here) is the brain child of Siddharth Mangharam,  was having a heartwarming conversation with his wife and friends when a thought struck him he wondered, 'What do the singles in the city do'.

Soon his thought changed into an unique idea and he formed a community along with his wife and friends inviting ‘singles’ in the city to come and meet the other singles! How exciting! “We've always heard men complaining that there aren’t enough single women and vice versa. But in reality there are a lot of single men and women in the city. So we thought of creating a platform where like-minded single men and women can come together and interact,” says Siddharth, who thinks that when friends of single men and women get married they still continue to remain friends but then their conversations always revolve around diapers, nannies and drivers. Something single men and women do not relate too!

FLOH not only gives a single to meet other singles but it also assures the exclusivity factor. “We are a class conscious society. And at FLOH not every single can join. It is purely by invitation only. And we ensure that each individual before joining the community goes through the screen test. We usually do it over the phone. Education and communication skills are few of the prime factors to join the community,” explains Siddharth who hates people terming FLOH as a dating or a matrimonial site. “It is just a platform where singles meet at events.” he rues.

Since exclusivity is the key mantra of FLOH, they conduct events which are engaging and extremely well thought off. The FLOH team doesn’t believe in bringing the singles together on a weekend for a boring lunch or dinner meeting. They believe in doing much more than that. Though the number of members in the community is anywhere between 400 to 500 their weekend affair restricts it to a minimum of 30 people. “Though we have hundreds of active members on Facebook, not everyone is interested in a theater or a dance workshop. We restrict the number of entry which helps us to bring people with similar choices together. And we always keep the ratio of men and women equal,” says Siddharth who is gearing up to take the ‘singles’ for a barbecue party this Sunday.

They have also had various interesting events in the past where few of the FLOH members met at a Vineyard, while a bunch of dance enthusiasts met for a Salsa workshop, and the shutterbug crazy jammed at a photography workshop. Feeling a tinge of envy at how much the other ‘singles’ are having fun?...Then join them and find like-minded people and you never know when cupid strikes!
PS: This community is only for people who are single between the age group of 25-40. And you can join the community only through invitation (just like Google+) on Facebook. So, find your friends who are on FLOH and spread the word only if you’re single! Join them on Facebook or log on to

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vk Sep 26th, 2011 12:46 PM

Thts something i looking forward ..and eligible !.

mohammedshahabudeen Jul 14th, 2011 02:11 PM

I'm single........

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