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Food Review: Picknicking at Counter Culture

If you are looking for a place to unwind in the city then head to Counter Culture and the good food just comes as an added advantage!

Having heard a lot about Counter Culture
from my almost everybody around, I couldn’t resist the temptation of visiting the restaurant to soak in its mood. And to beat the mid-week blues I along with my colleague set off on a mission to explore this new eatery. The restaurant is tucked away in the by lanes of Whitefield which makes it a little alien to the people. At first we mistook it to be a house and while we were wondering if we were at the right place. we were interrupted by a warm waitress who welcomed us inside. And yes we were truly animated when we caught a glimpse of the interiors of Counter Culture.

The indoor restaurant is extremely colossal and the seating arrangement is so well spaced out (something that you will never find in any city restaurant) that you will be spoilt for choice choosing your favourite corner for a meal. And just when we were admiring the high window panes and drapes the owner Vishwa walked up to us and explained, “This was earlier a spare parts factory which we converted into a eatery and a place for music lovers to jam and show case their talents."

The walls of Counter Culture have an in-progress Graffiti art which is very coulourful and appealing. What took our breath away was the ceiling….The ceiling is sky high and lends an element of freedom to the space. We were so amazed by the aesthetics of the interiors that we couldn’t wait to see what’s awaiting us on the outdoors. Vishwa looked at us and quipped, “Come let me take you on a counter Culture tour.” And to our amusement it was quite a tour. The garden area is so magnificent and serene that it instantly released us from all the work stress enveloping us in its beautiful greenery. It is undoubtedly a one-of-its-kind restaurant which is surrounded by trees of almond, sapota, mango and coconut. You can also find a lot of other fruits and vegetables mushrooming in every corner of the backyard.

We were so mesmerized by the ethereal beauty of Counter Culture that we forgot the fact that we were still very much in Bangalore. We chose the outdoor seating overlooking the garden area for our lunch and when we glanced at the menu we were surprised to notice that it had elements of Bangalore where Vishwa had spent majority of his time during his college years. The drinks menu had sketches of Koshy’s, Peco’s, and Museum Road.

The food menu has been specifically hand typed and to begin off our gourmet experience we ordered the Banana Wrapped chicken which was succulent and the banana leaf generously added a whiff of aroma to the chicken which was truly appetizing. The snake Gourd Chicken was a delight to the eyes and we were amazed at the contrast of snake gourd stuffed with chicken. Just one bite into it was enough to get the taste buds rolling and the soya sauce dip added to the already flavoursome chicken.

For the veg starters we sampled the stuffed baby potatoes which came with lots of cheese and was perfect on the palate. We also tasted the interesting looking Yam stuffed Okra. It was beautifully done and taste quite different. (Kids would definitely dig this). For the mains we sampled the Ratatouille Tart which looked tempting and the tasted delicious. The tart was stuffed with bell peppers, zucchini and cheese. It is tangy and full of flavour. It is certainly a must try at the restaurant. The next on the table was Stuffed bell pepper which again looked very inviting and it’s purposely kept on the bland side. “We just six variety of veg and non-veg on the menu and thus we try to keep a balance through the flavours,” said Vishwa.

The pasta was the only thing that did not appeal to us. The Stuffed Chicken breast and the Grilled Chicken were both rich in flavours and taste. It made for a perfect main course. After sampling almost everything on the menu we heaved a sigh of relief. For dessert, we tried a pumpkin and basil rabri. The desert was divided in two parts where the top was made of a sweet pumpkin halwa and the bottom was filled with the basil rabri (very unique indeed) both the pumpkin and basil complemented each other. The Roasted Pineapple with custard was a perfect end to our meal. Counter Culture is definitely one place you just cannot miss in the city!
PS: Go on a day when you have enough time to soak in the nature at Counter Culture. A meal for two will cost around Rs 1500/-

Counter Culture

2D2, 4th Cross,
Dyavasandra Industrial Area,
Whitefield, Bangalore -560066 Map

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Ramesh Batra Nov 06th, 2012 07:27 PM

Looks great in the photos, description sounds good.  Just the kind of "different" place I'd love to visit.

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