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Food Review: Reviving ethnic South Indian flavours at UpSouth

UpSouth at Jayanagar is the place to be when you are in a mood to have a cup of hot filter coffee with some great South Indian cuisine.

UpSouth is a premium South Indian
fast food restaurant at Jayanagar that gives you a taste of authentic south Indian cuisine, in an ambience that is equally tasteful. The decor is classy and understated. It is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all your memorable occasions as the food is served fresh and piping hot at all times. For locals, it’s just another excuse for not making breakfast at home! Like the Darshinis, UpSouth is a self-serviced fast food joint but set in a classier ambience. They have an a la carte menu which serves a wide range of dishes including variety from the basic dosas to idli and sambhar. And each dish is accompanied with different types of chutney and spicy sambhar.

They also have combination meals, which lets you taste various combinations at the price of one. We chose to try a bit of everything on the menu. Chef Venkatesh Bhat brought out all the food in record time (piping hot) and checked with us regularly making sure that our needs were being taken care of and the food was coming out to our liking and timing. We started by trying the idlis, which were extremely soft and fluffy, just like the ones you make at home. Chef Venkatesh Bhat explains that the idlis are soft, unlike the ones you see at local eateries because they don’t really use soda bicarbonate to fluff it up. They follow traditional recipes that have been passed down from generations.

The idlis were accompanied by three types of chutneys – the tangy onion chutney, mint chutney and the traditional coconut chutney. Also what we particularly liked was how the sambhar was prepared; it tasted authentic and had a hint of garlic and asafoetida. The Paper Masala Dosa was sublime and had absolutely no traces of oil. The potato stuffing inside was light and well-spiced. You usually feel stuffed after having a masala dosa at a Darshini, but surprisingly, we still had room to try out other dishes. The Parota served with Udupi Kal Kurma is rich in coconut milk and flavour. The Bisibele Bath is the best we’ve ever tried so far, as it keeps its South Indian sensibility with vintage spices and pulses. Chef explains that traditionally bisbele bath is made with only pulses and rice; however people usually experiment by adding vegetables and boondi (mixture) to it.

The Pongal served with a dollop of ghee had a nice creamy texture and made us misty-eyed, because of the sheer warmth it oozes. The Curd vada is yet again another stellar dish, a must-try here. So after gorging on almost everything on the menu, Chef coaxed us to try the desserts. The badam halwa is subtle without being cloyingly sweet. Kasi halwa is a date with indulgence. And we polished off the meal with a nicely brewed filter coffee. It was truly a great experience and we’ve never savoured South Indian food like this before. Kudos to Chef Venkatesh Bhat for that! The efficient service of the trained staff and authenticity of the dishes makes this place a great value for money.
The Combo meal starts from Rs. 69 and you get a choice of staples, rice dish, dessert and coffee.


# No.23 (OLD No.1185), 26th Main Road, 9th Block, near Ragiguda circle
Jayanagar, Bangalore Map

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Umesh Pardeshi Aug 04th, 2012 04:39 PM

  very good concept in foods.

Shagufta Jul 25th, 2011 02:36 PM

Tasty food at affordable price.... 
Worth a visit 

shobitha Jul 06th, 2011 04:27 PM

great place,worth a million visits,informative article and great tasting south indian meal....fab

Pi Patel Jul 03rd, 2011 02:13 AM

Adress and phone numbers , please ! Thanks...

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