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Get rid of that musty smell this monsoon

The Monsoons are here again! The intoxicating smell of the dry Earth getting drenched… the splashing waters… and the tiny paper boats sailing on the clogged water…

But not every aspect of rain brings
a smile on to one’s face. The season comes with its own set of problems. The dampness brings out a musty odd smell indoors. Here is how we could get rid of the musty smell from your living space and washrooms:

* Start by keeping living spaces clean and organized. Declutter often. Vacuum and dust regularly.
* Open the windows. As long as you don't have allergies, take advantage of the warm weather to let some fresh air into your home. It will make everything smell cleaner.
* Put it out in the sun. The sun is a great deodorizer. Put everything from musty suitcases to clothing outdoors in a sunny spot, and it will become fresh-smelling in no time.
* Light incense sticks. For centuries, Indian women have been using incense as a great way to get rid of odour. (try modern fragrances from Iris Home Fragrances like melon musk, orange blossom, etc to cheer up your dark monsoon evenings)
* Use Fragrance Vapourizers from Iris. For those who are allergic to smoke. The essential oils in the vapourizers, when mixed with water scents the entire room, giving it a fresh feel (we recommend try lemon grass, apple cinnamon or lavender).
* Hydrogen peroxide for mildew and mold. To get rid of musty smells and mildew, such as in the basement or in your bathroom, mix one part 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with two parts water, put in a spray bottle and spray the area (let it sit for an hour or more before rinsing).
* Freshen the air and your drains with vinegar. Vinegar combined with baking soda is a powerful freshener for drains. You can also put vinegar into a spray bottle and use it as a natural air freshener (the vinegar evaporates and the "vinegary" smell goes away too). Or, put a cup of vinegar in the kitchen to absorb cooking smells.
* Deodorize closets with freshly ground coffee. Leave the coffee in an open container in the corner of the closet and the musty smell will vanish.

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