Get your Unique Identification Number (UID) in Bangalore

Get your Unique Identification Number (UID) at a post office near you.

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Now you can enroll for your Unique
Identification Number (UID) at post offices in Bangalore which have been empaneled for the enrollment. The project was launched by India Post, one of the registrars of UIDAI, at the General Post Office recently. As of now, there are 35 post offices in the city  which have been assigned the task. Two agencies have been empaneled for enrollment assistance — Team Life Care Company at Hebbal and Comat Technologies at Thimmaiah Road. The goal of the UID Mission is to deliver Unique Identification Numbers (Aadhaar) to every resident in the country. In addition, it aims to establish a cost-effective, ubiquitous authentication infrastructure to easily verify these identities online and in real-time.

Today there are a large number of residents, especially the poorest and the most marginalized, who face challenges in accessing various public benefit programs due to the lack of possessing a clear identity proof. The Aadhaar number will ease these difficulties in identification, by providing a nationally valid and verifiable single source of identity proof. The UIDAI will ensure the uniqueness of the Aadhaar numbers through the use of biometric attributes (Finger Prints and Iris) which will be linked to the number. This will help agencies and service providers across India clean out duplicates and fakes from their databases. The elimination of duplicate, ghost and fake identities across various schemes is expected to substantially improve the efficiency of the  delivery systems  by ensuring that the leakages are reduced and the benefits reach the right people.

The Aadhaar number will also enable the delivery of various services at the grass root level in a cost effective and efficient way. An example of such an Aadhaar-enabled service is in banking for the poor. With the Aadhaar number, residents will be able to easily fulfill the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements of banks. They will be able to verify their identity through the Aadhaar number to banks both in person or remotely, using a mobile device. As a result, banks will be able to provide branchless banking services to hard-to-reach rural regions, and the use of electronic transactions will further bring down costs.

Data required for UID?
Along with the UID project that collates four kinds of details about a person under the theme Know Your Resident (KYR) - name, address, date of birth and age - the government will build its own repository by gathering 12 more details which will be KYR+. This includes questions on social security pension, house allocation, agriculture land, occupational incentives, Bhagyalakshmi scheme, freedom fighter pension, driving licence, EPIC card, PAN, bank details, LPG connection and ration card.
To know more log on to The UIDAI has set up a contact centre, for details call 1800-180-194

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