Growing up in the beautiful town of Pandupur...

Through their collection of stories for children set in the fictional town of Pandupur, Karnataka, authors Adithi and Chatura Rao have blended Karnataka's unique culture with the universal pleasures and pains of growing up in today's world.

`Growing Up In Pandupur ' by authors
Adithi and Chatura Rao is a collection of stories for children set in the fictional town of Pandupur, Karnataka. Pandupur lies somewhere between Mysore and Bangalore, along the Dhun River. It is your average small town with its bustling marketplace and honking traffic, posh colonies and shanty towns, railway station, dam, forests and playgrounds, Pandupur means many things to the children who live there. Just like the river that flows by, it is teeming with life, a confluence of stories....

Talking about the book Adithi says, "Through Pandupur's children, we have weaved a web of stories-life-lessons in growing up: laughter and tears, insecurities and surprising friendships. Stories like these will resonate in the hearts and minds of children everywhere.” She adds, “The small town is a happy place for many but for the birthday boy, Raghav, it's a miserable little backwater town which doesn't even have a Pizza Hut, but for the children of Little Pandavas Orphanage it's an opportunity to make new friends. For naughty Tejas and his Goblin gang it's a kingdom to rule over and enslave. For the twins Situ and Gitu, it's a mystery to be solved. And for Minchu, it's a home on the edge of the forest where wild elephants roam. So through these different stories, we’ve captured the myriad emotions of children.”

Both the authors have written books for children earlier and Adithi has a degree in Theatre, and has worked as an assistant director on the Hindi film Satya. Her sister, Chatura, is the author of the children's fantasy novel, Amie and the Chawl of Colour, and a novel for adults called Meanwhile, Upriver. She is also a freelance journalist, and has made a couple of short films and holds writing workshops for children.
Book: Growing Up In Pandupur
Chatura and Aditi Rao
Penguin India
Price: Rs.195
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sonia Jun 23rd, 2012 03:48 PM

bakwas , really boring 
kya soch kar in sisters ne is story ko likha.............

juna Jul 20th, 2011 03:32 AM

great book and other stories as well...

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