How to set up Facebook's Video Calling service

Now you can video chat with your friends right from Facebook.

After a lot of speculation, Facebook
CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched the 'Facebook Video Calling' feature yesterday. Recently at the Seattle conference Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be launching something 'awesome' on July 6. This announcement had already created a stir in the Social Media circuit, so on Wednesday he launched three new personal connection services - group chat, chat redesign and video calling.

Facebook has set up an introduction page for video messaging and also a blog post explaining the details. Facebook video calling is supported for the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers. To make a voice call, all you have to do is just click the call button at the top of your friend's profile or chat window. Also you can continue to use chat and other Facebook features during your video call. Another advantage here is that you can initiate a video call without the other person having the Skype plug-in installed. When one party calls, the other receives a prompt to install the plug-in if it's not.

“Video was the only thing missing from Facebook's armor when it came to peer to peer interaction services. With the recent launch of Google+ service that's already included a video chat service huddle and with Gmail having video chat since sometime now this was a move that was long pending from Facebook's end," says Rajiv Dingra, CEO, WATConsult. He further adds,"Though video chat is one feature which is not viral, unlike a feed update chats are usually not shared with friends and are of private context. So it remains to be seen how video chat improves the engagement on Facebook. One can surely see many NRIs using it to connect back with family and folks in India.”

Here’s how you can setup Facebook Video Calling service:
Before you can call your friends, you need to complete a quick, one-time setup:

1. You will be asked to complete the setup the first time you try to call a friend, or the first time a friend tries to call you. To call a friend, click the video icon at the top of your chat window.
2. Simply click the “Set Up” button and follow the instructions for how to set up video calling on your browser.
3. Once you’ve successfully completed the setup, the call you’ve started with your friend should connect automatically. If it doesn’t, you can call again by clicking the video icon at the top of your chat window.

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VENKATESH K. R Jul 10th, 2011 11:01 AM

thanks facebook team and friends

VENKATESH K. R Jul 10th, 2011 11:00 AM

thanks for facebook team and friends

T. Chandrashekarbhat Jul 08th, 2011 05:31 PM

This is a welcome feature.  

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