Ira Dubey eats, prays and loves theatre

Ira Dubey talks to MyBangalore.com about her love for the real and the reel stage.

Ira Dubey was six when she was first
exposed to the absorbing world of theatre. And by nine, she was already giving feedback on her mother's (Lillete Dubey} performances. “My parents met at a theater event. And theatre is precisely something I grew up on.  It rules my life. My mom always took me to her shows and I grew up seeing the rehearsals, Spending time backstage and acting in shows,” says Ira who majored in theater from Yale University.

Ira who has also acted in Bollywood films believes in the fact that a stage is an actor’s medium. And it is extremely evident that theatre runs through her veins  as she clearly differentiates between the two different genres of acting, “Theatre is the first cousin of Bollywood. There are hundreds of people working on a film and we are allowed to take several shots to get that one perfect scene. A film is a director’s baby. But theatre is very different though we do our rehearsals. On stage you just have that one ‘chance’. The felling of performing live is entirely different,” explains Ira who feels fortunate to have experienced both the realms of acting.

Acting in films is like a challenge for Ira and she thinks that as a theatre artist she can bring more to the table. “Less is more in Bollywood. We really don’t have to overdo emotions because camera is just there capturing our actions,” says Ira who will be in town along with her mother on July 21 as a part of a play Adhe Adhure.  “It’s a very insightful play which takes an honest look at the family matters of a middle class family. Savitri a middle aged woman, is dissatisfied with her circumstances, an unemployed son, a promiscuous teenage daughter and above all a husband who has failed to provide her emotional and financial security. She seeks to fulfill herself in relationships outside marriage, only to realize that men are the same beneath different faces,” Ira explains.

Most of the plays that Ira acts in remain close to her heart. But she loves the character Bidula in the play Wedding Album the most. “It is a family story written by Girish Karnad. I like the play because it is very different from who I am. Bidula is a small town girl who hasn’t seen much in life and remains aloof of the world outside her town. It was a challenge to depict the character with the right emotions,” says Ira who loves her character in the play 30 days to September where she plays the daughter to her mother for the first time in a play.

Ira feels that theatre has seen the revolution in the past years. “There are no private institutions who teach theatre on a regular basis. There are not many places where one can perform plays. Though the attitude has changed the change is not very evident because firstly theatre is not a lucrative career and secondly one cannot make a living out of it,” she concludes by saying that ‘Once a person steps into theatre he will always go back to it because it’s so satisfying.”
Adhe Adhure will be staged on July 21 at Chowdiah Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm.  The tickets are available on bookmyshow.com

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