Know the daily prices of fruits and vegetables through an SMS

You can now get the prices of vegetables and fruits sold in all HOPCOMS outlets by just sending an SMS.

To make Bangaloreans aware of the
fluctuating day-to-day prices of fruits and vegetables, HOPCOMS (The Horticultural Producer’s Cooperative Marketing and Processing Society Limited) has adopted an innovative idea of using short messaging services (SMS) to notify people on the prices of various vegetables and fruits. This initiative aims to displace the middleman who've always bought the products at lower prices and sold them highly.

This service will only translate into higher profits for the farmers and lower prices for the consumers. Prices of vegetables and fruits will be determined by HOPCOMS officials every morning and after this, a consolidated price list will be circulated and exhibited at every outlet in the city.  HOPCOMS was established with the principal objective of establishing a proper system for the marketing of fruits and vegetables; one that benefits both the farming community and the consumers. As of now there are over 200 HOPCOMS fruit and vegetable outlets across the city.

Prior to the establishment of HOPCOMS, no proper system existed in Karnataka for the marketing of horticultural produce. Farmers were in the clutches of the middlemen and the system benefited neither the farmers nor the consumers. If you want to know the prices of the day’s vegetables and fruits at HOPCOMS outlets, all you have to do is type HOPCOMS VEG OR HOPCOMS FRUIT and send an SMS to 9243355223. You can even get the details on where the rates are updated on a daily basis.

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