Reliance Netconnect Review: Poor service, no support & wrong billing!

Apart from having bad networks, ISPs are now tricking consumers with the lure of 'faster, speeder and better services'

Apart from heatedly discussing
Bangalore’s ever-growing traffic, another topic that seems to have everyone fuming is that of the terrible Internet Service Provider (ISP) connections. While national players like BSNL and Airtel fare well, most of the other service providers have a long way to go and it's high time they pull up their socks and deliver the goods. Google about it and you’ll find consumers dissing various ISPs and narrating stories about horrendous services. Well, even we have one such tale to tell. A few weeks back we signed up for the Reliance Netconnect 3.1 Mbps plan (wireless) in Bangalore. However the average speed we got was 10Kbps to 50Kbps. The service was unreliable and did not work as advertised. We tested the connection at three different locations and the connection speed was the same. We called their customer care at least eight times in a span of two weeks; each time we were instructed to change configurations but there was no improvement in speed. 

Reliance Neconnect promised to send a support engineer to troubleshoot but nobody ever came. So, we decided we’ve had enough and called them to cancel the service. The customer care executive refused to take our request and insisted that we visit their authorized outlet for cancellation. We duly visited their Cunningham Road office and requested service cancellation. The executive in-charge canceled the connection but did not provide an acknowledgment for the same. Upon insisting on the acknowledgment receipt, they did so reluctantly. The very next day we got a call from another Reliance Netconnect executive who identified himself as the "Territory Manager". He tried to persuade us to retain the connection, we declined for obvious reasons.

You would have though it ends there... We continued to receive bills from Reliance Communications for a service that was cancelled a while back. Their call center executives continued to call us and insist that we pay the monthly bill. Once again we went back to their Cunningham road office and confronted them on the wrong billing and harassment. We also produced a copy of the cancellation acknowledgment. Their response was: "Somebody from your office has called us and requested that the connection be put in "safe mode" and therefore we did not cancel it".  A very lame and dishonest response. If a Media Organization is treated like this by Reliance Communications, we wonder how they treat consumers.

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Naresh Pathi Dec 29th, 2012 05:46 PM

please don't take this connection.
I am telling you with my personal experience 
my connection continently disconnecting for every 2 hours 
I lost my money in online games because of disconnections
costmer service is also worst 
this is my advice don't   take this connection who want internet connection without breaking

narayana Dec 23rd, 2012 11:06 AM

Oh! i was cheated too.....they r not even giving speed half of they promised, reliance is total waste of time,,,, U will end with frustration 

Shalini Jun 05th, 2012 04:53 PM

Agreed cent percent. They are big thugs. Guys from reliance and Vriti interactive act as if they have done a huge favour after dumping that never working datacard.
They barred my servie immediately after I bought it and sending me huge bills even though I paid them advance rental of Rs 2551 towards 3 months.
They have no Service commitments. Never never buy Reliance.
Their Data card is worst in terms of speed and connectivity with improper service and greedy billing service.

Rupesh KP Jan 05th, 2012 08:37 PM

My experience is that even sending mails since more then one year now you will never get any satisfactory reply from any of them and all the mail ids are just for fooling and looting customers.
But still send the mails to all the ids so that they can see the number of mails sent escalated id
I am using netconnect since one year.
I had to take netconnect as no other ISP(other then Tata which inturn just another netconnect) is available in the area I reside.
Netconnect is one of the worst available ISP.
My experince is that once you but netconnect you are left on the systems mercy as the customer service is filled with all nonsense bastards who do not even understand the issue before replying.
Speed promised was 3 MBPS.
It never ever reached a speed of even 600 KBPS which fluctuates a lot from 0 to 600 kbps.
It remains at around 150 kbps and in between you get spikes of upto 600 kbps.
Download speed is approximately 36 kbps when broadband is enabled and when the broadband swithces to 1x speed then download speed drops to 8 kbps.
The most important thing is that their net cunsumption meter runs at a jet speed just like like Mumbai's faulty car taxi meters.
Whatever work I do on other ISP broadband on 1 GB the same will take 5 GB on netconnect.
Due to this the broadband of even 5 gb finishes in 10 to 15 days max.
Other ISP who have atleast 1 mpbs speed provide nearby ~900 kbps alomst constant speed.
Other ISPs Download speed is 150 to 250 kbps in case of broadband.
On complaining they say its dependent on the number of users in that area.
But it not so as I had been monitoring and seeing this speed since one year thought the day.
Their system itself is designed to give restritced speed and they give excuses of number of users.
So just stop netconnect as much as possible and do not get syawed away with their marketing executive flattering who do not even pick the calls after selling the device.
Netconnect is a theif company just like its scammer boss anil ambani.

Jai Sep 12th, 2011 11:47 PM

I took Reliance Netconnect 3.1 Mbps last week. It  gives speed of max 50 kbps only..I should have read this article before buying the reliance wastage of money. I was not expecting a big company like Reliance to deceive customers like this. Strongly advise not to go for Reliance Netconnect 3.1 Mbps.

Vinay Jul 13th, 2011 10:48 AM

I have had a terrible experience with Reliance too! I had made an advance payment for 12 Months, even after which they kept sending bills even though i never exceeded the download limits! Add to it, The Customer Care kept sending mails to make payment and Called me twice every week! And, then comes the worst of them all, they even go as far as to disconnect the connection! After which I have to call them up and ask them to restore the connection. 
This happens every Month! Reliance is definitely UNRELIABLE!!! Please think twice (infact, think a hundred times) before you go for it.

Yash Jul 02nd, 2011 01:18 PM

I had a harrowing time with Reliance. Cancelled my account and settled all payment but they continued to send bills and also sent their recovery agents (goons). Bangaloreans be warned ... this is one shitty 

Nitin G Jul 02nd, 2011 12:26 PM

RELIANCE billing is handled by CROOKS

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