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Spa Review: Replenish yourself with a Fusion Massage at Lakme Studio

Fusion Massage at Lakme Studio is a blend of six massage techniques which will rejuvenate you mind, body and soul.

Think body massage and the feeling
of being endlessly pampered and rejuvenated comes to one’s mind. And considering the spa junkie that I am I cannot stop myself from indulging in various types of body massages to soothe my body and soul from the everyday stress. This time around what caught my attention was the ‘Fusion Massage’ and I immediately booked an appointment, after all who doesn’t like pampering! After wrapping up the day’s work, I headed straight to the Lakme Studio in Indiranagar for my treatment.

My therapist for the day was Kim who immediately escorted me to the incredibly beautiful massage room. The massage table was filled with rose petals and scented candles filled up the room with its soothing lavender fragrance. She then handed me a form (which is mandatory) to fill. As it gives the her a fair idea of what I wanted. I quickly filled up the form with my details and opted for a Stress Relief Massage.  “Fusion Massage is a brilliant combination of six massage techniques including Thai, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Lomi Lomi, Lymphatic drainage and Shiatsu,” explained Kim adding that it has been designed in three variants like the Detoxifying massage, Stress Relief Massage and Relaxing massage, with each one lending itself to ease the body and senses.

Detoxifying Massage rids your body of its toxins cleaning out your system, using a blend of herb essential oils like juniper berry, rosemary, along with geranium mixed in vegetable carrier oil 

Stress Relief Massage helps relieve those tense muscles and uses a blend of spices and herbs essential oils like basil, ginger along with lavender mixed in vegetable carrier oil.

Relaxing Massage
allows you to drift into a blissful state of relaxation using a blend of floral essential oils like ylang ylang, lavender, and geranium in vegetable carrier oil. 

The sixty minutes intricate session began with a dry massage, where the masseur used the right amount of pressure to relax my tense muscles. Later Kim applied the aromatic oils onto my body, pacifying the senses and relieving me of all tensions.The step by step relaxation techniques used by the masseur was so swift on the pressure points that I was basking in a state of trance and half way through the treatment I was already in my much craved beauty sleep. 

What is special about the Fusion Massage is that it uses multiple techniques on the right pressure points to relieve and rejuvenate the body from all sorts of pain.  It helped me revitalize my energy releasing me from the worries of the world. I was so refreshed after the one hour head to toe experience and i felt my body was supple and my mind was indeed calm. I was ready to plunge back to big bad world!
A sixty minute therapy, will cost you around Rs. 1350/- The service is available at all Lakme Studio's across Bangalore.

Lakme Studio

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