The Outdoor School: For your child's outdoor learning experiences

The Outdoor School is a school that uses the medium of outdoors for learning.

The Outdoor School started by adventure
enthusiast Nidhi Tiwari and her group of wilderness experts provides an environment for children to explore nature and learn beyond the confines of a classroom. It is a place where kids get to roll in the mud, gaze up on the stars; dwell in the eeriness of woods all the while exploring the wilderness around. Nidhi wanted to bring in an outdoor element to learning and after exploring different educational models while travelling across the states, she wanted to introduce the concept of outdoor education in India.

She obtained a certification from North Carolina’s Outward Bound School and set up The Outdoor School in the city, last year. “It is a place where children can learn about themselves, while participating in fun and educational outdoor activities. With the help of challenges they learn to overcome their fears and go beyond their comfort zone. Our programmes cover areas such as personality development, teambuilding, leadership and skill development.” says Nidhi.

Nidhi has over 15 years of experience as an educator and trainer and she strongly believes that outdoor experiences bring out the best in children because they are challenged not just mentally but also physically and emotionally. She says “The designing of the program is very layered and well-researched. It allows learning and expressing in different forms. We have some of the best trainers and all our activities emphasize on focused learning and character building, which will help the children in the long run.”

With an outdoor campsite at Sharavathy valley in central Karnataka and plenty of outdoor destinations around Bangalore, The Outdoor School provides for an exciting learning environment. Though the school doesn’t have its own campus, they have tied-up with various schools in the city. “We work with a lot of IGCS schools in Bangalore, as they are more open to something like this. Currently we are affiliated to Mallya Aditi International School, Shri Kumarans Children’s Home and Poorna Learning Centre. We have programs for children as small as three years to college students. The programs run through the year, in parallel with the regular classroom curriculum.” explains Nidhi.

They offer various programs like Life Skills Training which helps one focus on aspects such as exploring one’s identity, managing emotions, building relationships and conflict resolution etc. The Outdoor Education Course exposes participants to diverse challenges and provides a continual engagement with students to work on area of concern which they identify on initial outings.  And finally the Leadership Training draws upon the philosophy, theory, and practices of experiential education. Apart from this they also engage the children in various fun activities like hiking, backpacking, cave exploration, expeditioning, camping and field workshops. “We are a team of 14 trainers and four of us work full-time for this. Every single aspect is closely monitored and the child’s safety is our main priority." she says.
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