The second choice: Is remarriage acceptable in today's society?

The book The Second Choice explores the turmoil of emotions that a family goes through when someone opts for a remarriage.

After her professional life, author Lakshmi Menon resumed her passion for creative writing. The Second Choice which is her debut novel is a simple story that explores the journey of a couple as they attempt to find love in each other as their new life unfolds. Lakshmi Menon takes us through her writing journey. 
Tell us something about the book?
It is the story of a blended family - Pavithra and Venu and their daughters Anu and Indu. It is also the story of Soumya, who is a silent spectator in the story but has her presence felt in the entire novel. 

What made you write this book?
One day my daughter spoke about her friend’s bed-ridden mother, who was forcing her father to re-marry. That instance kept churning in my mind and one fine day I just let my thoughts flow and before I could realize I had already penned down so much more than I had thought.

Why did you choose this subject?
This unusual situation of such a family struck my mind, and I started wondering about the turmoil of emotions that a family goes through who considers opting for a second wife in the presence of his first wife. Thus I discovered Pavithra. Only the subject is real, but the narration is piece of fiction.

What is your take on marriage?
 The institution of Marriage is an essential element of our society. It should not be a forced marriage for the sake of completing the responsibility of parents, or just to please your dear ones.  From my observance, the following three elements contribute a lot for a happy marriage  -
1) Maturity of age (girl 23 and above, boy 25 and above) to take a decision about their marriage.
2) Approval of the parents in case of a love marriage.
3) It is very important for both the boy and the girl to understand the importance of compatibility in a relationship.
4) The girl should be educated and strong enough to take care of her own needs.
Do you think that once the marriage is shattered can a couple still find solace in each other?

From what I see around I feel family and friends play a very important role in binding two people together. If a married couple is ready to understand their mistakes through an honest self-assessment and are willing to correct themselves, then any relationship can work. Compromise is definitely the key mantra here. 

Can children help in bringing the parents together?
Definitely. We all see it happening in a lot of marriages around us. Just for the sake of their children, many couples continue their marriage sacrificing their own life and happiness. A lot of couple find happiness in dedicating their lives to their children.

Book: The Second Choice
Author: Lakshmi Menon
Publisher: Songbyrde Publications
Price: Rs. 330


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